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Reviews for Fruit Of A Bitter Harvest

loreen772011.12.21 - 07:40PM7: SevenSigned
Ugh, the physical contact would have been the petfect excuse to share a bad everynight. Alas, severus seems to feel he does not deserve it and fears telling her hr,e wants it.

Author's Response: Could be, thanks for the review.

Jinxie2011.11.26 - 05:18PM7: SevenSigned
I enjoy the slow progression of Severus and Hermione's relationship, despite the situations they find themselves in. Severus is believably forming a hidden attahment to Hermione, while she feels friendship towards him. Yes, their child is an impetus to drive them closer to one another, but at the same time could potentially cause an even greater rift. Looking forward to seeing what happens next!

Author's Response: Hi Jinxie, thanks for sharing your thoughts. The next chapter is in the queue.

MsMoss2011.11.24 - 08:02PM7: SevenSigned
Poor Severus, definitely a bittersweet experience for the reader, as well. I'm enjoying this story a great deal, you've created a very vivid world, with well-drawn characters, all of which is thoughtfully written. The protests against the ministry and it's law are a wonderful addition to this ancient and ubiquitous fic challenge! Looking forward to more.

Author's Response: Hi MsMoss, thank you for taking the time to review it is always good to hear peoples thoughts on the story.

MeliJ2011.11.23 - 04:42PM7: SevenSigned
Aww, twins! Are we going to see Hermione's side of feelings evolving?

Author's Response: Hi MeliJ, I'm limited by how much I can show of what Hermione feels because these are all flashbacks from Severus but stick around and we will see what happens.

Jong_Kahn2011.11.22 - 10:41PM7: SevenSigned
Since it's very easy for strongly opinionated women to assume one thing--which seems totally accurate, since they know their own minds--only to find out things are different than they surmised once they are awash with hormones, a lot more is possible than one would have previously believed. Spoken as a strong-willed, strongly opinionated woman who found things were not as she thought they would be, once her body changed. The world is bigger and more unexpected than we know.

Author's Response: :)

Marion2011.11.22 - 04:21AM7: SevenSigned
Hi. I love this story, I really do, so please don't get me wrong if I say "I see where this story is going and I sorta wish it didn't". You see, there is this prevalent (American) trope in (fan)fiction where two people get thrown together in marriage who don't like eachother, or hate the fact that they have been pressured into marriage, or perhaps have a Great Love whom they would've want to have married, only this was for some reason inappropriate? Well, the trope goes as follows: Two people are forced by circumstances into marriage/relationship. They hate the circumstances, but, being into this together, they have sex. The woman gets pregnant. The love for the baby seals the happy happy joy joy bond of the two forever, their former lives and former loves forgotten, their clashing personalities change and become perfectly compatible, all because they now have a baybee. And this while none of them ever *wanted* to become a parent, and certainly didn't want the other to be the mother/father of their child. The reason why I dislike this trope is two-fold. For one, I'm childfree. I never wanted a child and if I was forced, by whatever reason, to have one, I would both love it (since it was my child) but I would even more hate it (because I was forced against my will to bear it) I would feel guilty for loathing my own child and resentful of the child for making me feel guilty and guilty for feeling resentful towards the child, who isn't to blame either. I would give the child away to anyone who would love it and care for it and go on with my life. The trope, however, makes women into mush-brained hormone-driven brood-machines, no better than cats (cats don't give a flying @#! who impregnates them either, as long as they can throw a litter) who will forget everything they ever felt or wanted when they have a convenient warm body who will give them a big belly. The second reason I don't like this trope is because its a close relative of the He Might Say He Doesn't Love You But He Will Change When He Becomes A Daddy trope. The no. one reason why young women are murdered in the USA is because they got pregnant/got a baby and their boyfriends didn't want the kid. This trope portrays *men* as mush-brained broody hens as well, and though men really do love their chidren and are genuinely happy when their beloved spouse presents him with the news of her pregnancy, the idea that people who are forced to have sex in order to provide new blood for the State are as happy about the upcoming birth as a middle-class, happilly married couple is delusional. I would *so* love it if your Hermione would *not* bond with her baby. If after the birth, when she and her fellow protesters finally win, she would divorce Sev and leave him and their child as a friend and only visit *as a friend*. I'm as much a fan of happily ever afters as the next guy, but the 'Snape and Hermione have to marry to produce kids, win against the ministry but stay together because they have fallen in love and produce lotsa babees' storyline is kinda old, and besides, I think it would make a far better, more poignant, more interesting story if they *don't* stay together, but stay friends anyway. But this is a Snape/Granger site, so that won't happen. *sigh*

Author's Response: Hi Marion, first off thanks for reading and reviewing . Now I can't answer too directly as to do so would be to give spoilers for the plot either one way or the other. I'm sorry if my interpretation of the characters has come across to you as you have described, but I would respectfully disagree with you on a few points. I don't think I have painted them as instantly compatible nor do I think they are on an addle brained baby high. I also don't think I have portrayed her as a baby making machine. Nor do I think I that I have ignored the element of compulsion on both of them. I do think that they are determined to make the best out of the situation that they find themselves in and to be a support for each other and their child forms part of that. Anyway that's my short twopenneth worth. But, hey I guess we all get different things out of the things we read so thanks for the opinion. Sorry if the rest disappoints but the old adage is right sometimes you can't please all the people all the time. Thanks Shuldham.

asp12542011.11.22 - 02:32AM7: SevenSigned
am loving this story!!! i actually cried more than one tear for severus. he is so sweet and noble and... lovable? please do not leave him haning for too long surely hermione will see what a gift she has? keep writing please! great story!!! anita.

Author's Response: Hi Anita, I'm glad your enjoying it so much thanks for taking the time to read and review.

scribbler7142011.11.22 - 12:35AM7: SevenSigned
I love all the little nuances, the way the characters continually keep themselves under wraps, with a sense that strong feelings are always being held in check. They don't have to stride and stomp and screech all the time to get the point across.

Author's Response: Nope absolutely not, I can't see either being the prima donna type.

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