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Reviews for Discard

duj2015.06.07 - 12:58AM7: SevenSigned
Does Delky know where Hermione's been going and why? Will he tell?

Jong_Kahn2013.07.27 - 11:38PM7: SevenSigned
Hey, Doomy! This story deserves more attention, whenever you can escape Real Life (hah!-as if one has a choice;-) to do so. We miss your tale-telling skills! Do come back to us sometime relatively soon, dear heart! Here's another "10", to whet your interest, I hope.

lemonade82012.10.06 - 08:09PM7: SevenSigned
Hey, I just caught up on this! Well, aside from a bad situation and misunderstandings that could tear them apart, they have something in common now, elvish welfare. I would think that they would like Hermione, as misguided and ill-informed of their geas as she was, and who better to stand with him when he has to convince the world? And now he's being healed... very nice. And I'm now off to google 'marmite'. ;D

JestersTear2012.05.30 - 08:44PM7: SevenSigned
I'm loving this, even as I fear its development. Something being categorised as Tragedy is never a good sign, but I read it anyway and now I'm hoping against hope it merely would have been tragedy had it simply been the one shot you had planned, but that it now stands a chance of being something else, after the angst crests and is dealt with. You're a brilliant writer, or I'd never have started reading it in the first place with the Tragedy category.

Author's Response: You've just handed me one of the finest compliments I've ever received. Thank you! I shall do my best to update in a somewhat more timely fashion.

Jong_Kahn2012.05.30 - 12:22AM7: SevenSigned
Wow! What an unexpected, interesting turn of events! That's regarding Snape--and Delky--of course. I wonder if this change will make him reconsider his behavior in light of Hermione. Will he end up working with Hermione instead of against her? Sigh--I know, I have to wait and see. I do hope it's not too many months before we get the next chapter. Thanks for these last two.

Author's Response: I will *try* to do better about updates. What I need is a time-machine so I can do everything that needs doing and still be able to write.

katielady82012.05.29 - 11:26PM7: SevenSigned
This is shaping up to be a pretty good story! Looking forward to readIng more!

Author's Response: That's always a happy thing for an author to read! Thanks for reviewing!

Eszther2012.05.28 - 03:59PM7: SevenSigned
Oh! What a delightful, unexpected turn in this story. I am looking forward to the rest of it, thank you.

Author's Response: This was SUPPOSED to be a one-shot - but it sort of took on a life of its own, and even I don't know what's going to happen next! I'm glad you're enjoying it!

Yukimor2012.05.16 - 11:49PM6: SixSigned
Please fix him? This is starting to pick up momentum, I'm dying for more. Pretty please? :3

Author's Response: new chapter posted!

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