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Reviews for Catspaws

nocturnus2012.10.06 - 02:54PM15: Chapter FifteenSigned
Awww I thought it was complete :(

Jong_Kahn2012.09.25 - 02:36AM15: Chapter FifteenSigned
Hey, Doomy! When are you going to be gifting us with more chapters of your various works, this one included? I hope RL hasn't been too hard on you, but rather that you've enjoyed some family vacation time, at least. Just letting you know your fans are looking forward for more, now that autumn is here. You are appreciated!

AussieWolf2012.08.09 - 02:14PM15: Chapter FifteenSigned
I just finished rereading up to this point and I have to say this story is one of my absolute favorites on Ashwinder! I love the concept of Familiar matchmakers and how in-character everyone is. Really hoping you'll post more eventually, I'm eager to read more :)

Sirius342012.07.17 - 08:50PM15: Chapter FifteenSigned
Are you going to continue this story? I want to know how their familiar s became the ooze? Please post again soon

Orangeblossom172012.04.20 - 03:43PM15: Chapter FifteenSigned
Ah, this story has me captivated. I'm loving the plotting familiars, and the sheer amount of mischief managed. It's good to see that you haven't abandoned it- I will have to patiently wait for the troublesome chapter and hope that the mystery surrounding the puddles that must be Duster and Crookshanks is resolved therin.

Lucretia1232012.03.13 - 09:40PM15: Chapter FifteenSigned
Love the story. Thank you for sharing. Patiently waiting for the next update.

Sweetlysevere2011.11.23 - 02:14AM15: Chapter FifteenSigned
Hmmm, it ends there? Sigh... More please...orange and black stains have to be transformed cats but where is Peeves and how or what has he done?

Author's Response: I'm working on the next chapter - it's being "difficult".

cyclee2011.10.27 - 01:13PM15: Chapter FifteenSigned
Charming story, hope to see the update soon.

Author's Response: I admit that I'm kind of "stuck" on Catspaws right now. I'm going to go find some chocolate to try to unstick the Muse.

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