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Reviews for Fruit Of A Bitter Harvest

loreen772011.12.21 - 03:06PM4: FourSigned
Always the hurt inflicted on others that you can not prevent is worse than the hurt done to you.

Author's Response: Very true. Thanks for the review.

severus492011.11.12 - 12:56AM4: FourSigned
I thought they were coming to some kind of mutual affection for each other, but then I read the last line. I cringed. It seems to me that the two of them automatically assume that sharing a bed in a marriage means that they need to become intimate with each other. As someone who's been married for 14 years, I can attest this does not need to be so. The comfort of just having someone lie beside you "just in case" of a bad dream or night terror, can be an intimate gesture all on it's own without resorting to sexual intimacy. Lying in bed and talking to one's partner can be quite loving too. It doesn't mean you have to do the nasty everytime you lay down together. Severus and Hermione seem to have a long way to go until they get to that stage I guess.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review.

TequilaNervous2011.10.30 - 11:30PM4: FourSigned
Even after all the shared emotional baggage, they are sleeping in separate beds? Well...I'll be patient since they had a great conversation. Maybe they'd be closer and closer as time goes by...

Author's Response: Hi oh, they are starting to quite like each other as people, as friends, but the herd of elephants in the room is the fact that both know the other to be in a forced situation otherwise. Thanks for reading and reviewing.

Maria2011.10.28 - 12:47AM4: FourSigned
Good stuff. The friendship/companionship is believable, and I dare to hope they'll slowly find a way to give each other some love.

Author's Response: Hi Maria, we will see. Thank you for reading and reviewing.

Imhilien2011.10.28 - 12:43AM4: FourSigned
A good story so far, thank you. Looking forward to the next chapter.

Author's Response: Hi Imhilien, and thank you for reading and reviewing.

FieryPen372011.10.27 - 11:10PM4: FourSigned
This is a superb story. I love your writing style. Your narrative distance is very interesting. Remote, sort of matter-of-fact, but you can sense the depth of emotion behind it. The two of them are falling in love and not even realizing it. I hope hope HOPE that this is not a tragedy . . . your prologue wasn't encouraging though. Please keep up the good work and please don't break my heart too badly! I love these two together!

Author's Response: Hi FieryPen37, Thank you for the lovely review it is rather like being on the receiving end of a particularly wonderful hug. As for my style I suppose my inner Brit will out. Seemingly distant but bubbling along under the surface. Austin rather than Bronte (not that I am in any way shape or form claiming association with them, was my mouth out with soap if I ever do.) As for the end, well now what happens is ... Sorry couldn't resist teasing you. Thanks for the review S

GoldenGem2011.10.27 - 11:27AM4: FourSigned
So far I am enjoying this story and I only hope you will be able to complete it. Both Hermione and Severus are running very true to how I imagine they would behave. I am looking forward to seeing how it pans out.

Author's Response: Hi Golden Gem, first of all don't worry I never post a WIP, only something that is completed. The delays in posting are so that the last minute " I'll just add this bit " wibbles can be dealt with. Second, thanks for the review they always warm my heart.

Sampdoria2011.10.27 - 03:40AM4: FourSigned
What a great update, I love how you slowly and steadily makes them grow up (yes both of them) emotionally and grow closer together, starting to trust eachother etc in a very belivabley way considering what brougth them together in the first place. Very well done.

Author's Response: Hi Sampdoria, I don't think their relationship could be anything but slow and steady after that beginning. Glad you think they are both growing, though I think Severus has more emotional distance to cover than Hermione! Thanks for the review, they keep the pen twitching. S

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