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Reviews for Fruit Of A Bitter Harvest

severus492011.11.12 - 12:48AM3: ThreeSigned
I don't understand why she can't try a little harder. If one has to have forced intimacy, and they're getting along as partners, why wouldn't she try to make it easier - more fun - for both of them?

Author's Response: I think you answered your own question there, forced intimacy. :) Thanks for the review

adelgado2011.10.24 - 12:44PM3: ThreeSigned
Like the slow grow of possible friendship. thanks for writing

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing.

loreen772011.10.20 - 09:38PM3: ThreeSigned
So sad. I am glad they find a level of friendship, but there is so far to go to be comfortable with thhe forced sex (if that is even possible).

Author's Response: Very true, very true.

verasuspense2011.10.20 - 08:33PM3: ThreeSigned
I can understand sex by Ministry mandate being a total turnoff for Hermione; they suit each other so well in every other way that I hope they will be set free, and that liberation will enable Hermione to feel arousal for the first time.

Author's Response: Hi verasuspense, Yes I think you have hit the key point , whilst she likes Severus (or is getting to like and know him) the huge elephant in the room is the element of compulsion. Thanks for the review.

MeliJ2011.10.18 - 06:42PM3: ThreeSigned
It's so sad reading this story sometimes, but I'm really enjoying it because it's so honest to how they really feel and to how much work it takes to create a real relationship. Great job :)

Author's Response: Hi, I'm glad it is coming across as real. Thanks for reading and reviewing.

scribbler7142011.10.18 - 09:10AM3: ThreeSigned
The moody, thoughtful tone is so apt here for your Severus -- the poor guy is trying to decode what it is to have a relationship, especially one under these circumstances. I'm wondering a bit about Hermione's reaction to the kiss -- it might signal more than it seems on the surface. Can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: Hi scribbler714, yes I think the learning curve for Severus is a fairly steep one, let's face it he hasn't exactly had a lot of functional adult relationships. At least he is trying. The next part should be posted Sunday, I'm just adding a few bits to it. Thanks for your enthusiasm. S.

TequilaNervous2011.10.18 - 01:28AM3: ThreeSigned
I feel sorry for both of them, but I feel Severus has the worst part...all he ever wanted was to be loved and this must be adding salt to the cut...poor guy...I hope he'd find any joy or pleasure or anything good in his life.

Author's Response: Hi, Now you can't expect me to give spoilers for my own fic :) Right now I think they are both in a better place than they were, but still there are many miles to travel. Thanks for the review.

KellyJoy2011.10.17 - 10:50PM3: ThreeSigned
Poor Severus.How painful it must be to have to compartmentalize the different parts of their relationship like that. Hermione's a very principled individual, and I can understand her inability to find pleasure in something she's forced to do, but it seems that they're only hurting each other rather than the ministry. Thanks for the update; this story's becoming a must-read for me.

Author's Response: Hi KellyJoy, I think that keeping them separate is Hermione's coping mechanism added to her severe dislike of being 'forced' into the situation. As for Severus, having had to compartmentalise his life before I guess he recognises the technique when he sees it. Thanks for the review and the compliment. Hope you enjoy the rest. S

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