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Reviews for Fruit Of A Bitter Harvest

loreen772011.12.21 - 02:28PM2: TwoSigned
Aw, a real marriage....one step forward, then a giant stumble back.

Author's Response: Hi loreen77 but hopefully stumbling along together :))

severus492011.11.12 - 12:44AM2: TwoSigned
Still, that is how a lot of marriages sound at first. Once some regular marriages lose their first bloom, then it's a matter of learning what to say during the silence, how to handle the other when they're mad at the world, and making mistakes along the way. It's difficult, but it's NORMAL.

Author's Response: Hi severus49, very true, thanks for taking the time to read and review.

vze57t9j2011.10.18 - 05:04AM2: TwoSigned
Yay!!! Apologies are always the best policies, even if they're a bit on the frugal side and a tad late at that. At least they're back on track! The regulated physical intimacy will always be the elephant in the room. It has to be the most difficult part of their relationship. I give them credit for being honest with one another about how it makes them feel. Great chapter! :D

Author's Response: Hi again, Yep, you are right there, one huge elephant in the room possibly an entire herd of the beasts. Thanks for reviewing.

vze57t9j2011.10.18 - 04:41AM2: TwoSigned
Ouch! It's going to take a bit of time and tact to remedy this situation. It was bound to happen, but it couldn't have come (as these things often do) at a worse time. Excellent chapter!!! :D

Author's Response: Hi, yes he definitely led with both feet here. Thanks for another review, they do give me a warm fuzzy feeling.

TequilaNervous2011.10.17 - 02:07AM2: TwoSigned
I like this story very much and I hope you update it soon. I have a question, is there any way to put in on alert as is in FF? I mean, how can I know this story had been updated? Thanks!!!

Author's Response: Hi, Thanks for saying so, Chapter three is up on the site, but I don't think the site alerts like FF does. If you really want to know when it updates then drop me an e mail or pm and I will let you know. Thanks S.

KellyJoy2011.10.16 - 03:05PM2: TwoSigned
So sad to watch Severus undo the fragile camaraderie they built up after the awards ceremony. But then a relationship with him can never be easy.

Author's Response: Hi KellyJoy, yes I don't think he would be the easiest of company what will happen, well now that would be telling. thanks for the review.

WnL6242011.10.16 - 11:30AM2: TwoSigned
Very believable progression, and all the more satisfying are the poignant prose and the little details littering this wonderful piece of writing. Thank you.

Author's Response: Hi WnL624, sometimes there are reviews that make you smile and do the happy dance, thank you for giving me one of those.

Jong_Kahn2011.10.14 - 11:00PM2: TwoSigned
I don't know how the simplicity of your descriptions made me cry, but they did. First I was touched that Severus was as supportive as he was; then I cried that he was the opposite...and that he possibly might have learned something, from that sour whisky and stale sandwich. Excellent work. I do look forward to the next, and cross my fingers it will be comparatively soon! Thank you.

Author's Response: Hi Jong_Kahn, Thanks for the lovely review. We will just have to see if Severus has learned anything. The next chapter is in the queue. I was hoping to add chapter four to the queue tomorrow as well, but the pesky thing just demanded a bit more so I am adding a little here and there. Thanks for reading and reviewing.

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