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Reviews for Forged in Flames

hayam2018.07.16 - 01:34AM29: Chapter 29Signed
I know that was your first fanfic and it is truly well written. I read your others too and I can say that you progressed nicely. There is only one (more) thing I have to criticize: I know why it happend and what your intention possibly was to do it - that nobody saw it comming - but sadly it lacked in logic and that - for me - ruined it a bit. When you emphasized that she could do only utilitarian wandless spells I wondered why. And subsequently you had difficulties to choose one of these to get to Dracos wand in the ROR but it was not very logical, because this spell puts Dracos wand moving in circles as if stirring a couldron it does not move in any direction and certainly not towards her hand. Later on she did some wandless magic in front of the boys (canīt remember exactly what right now) and she made a snide comment when they wondered. You told us at length how she practised her occlumency skills but you did not tell us that she expanded the range of her wandless spells - which would have been logical after her experience in the ROR and would have been unsuspicious and typical for her.

hayam2018.07.15 - 08:38AM18: Chapter 18Signed
Well I too wondered about how she should manage it do go to Snape escorted? And yes if I were Snape I would have put some kind of alert or trecking device on her. But there is another thing: Draco should have used an abandoned class room enstead of the ROR. You tried to fix this in stating that she couldnīt do anything because Draco was in controll of the room. Ok I thought I accept your version of the ROR. But when she entered the ROR together with Snape- and remember that Snape opened the room and therefore should be in controll of it- she ordered a chair. That should not have worked.

Roma 2018.01.06 - 09:38PM29: Chapter 29Signed
Loved it!!!!

kt20052017.12.25 - 05:36PM29: Chapter 29Signed
A fantastic story. I couldn't stop reading until the end. I would love to read your original fiction if you get published!

SincerelySnape2016.03.02 - 05:46PM20: Chapter 20Signed
This is one of those unique stories i've been looking for forever. The chemistry between them is so devine from the beginning, and you developed it excellently. I wish it was longer, ahh! Please write more stories similar to this one! It's written so beautifully and so in-character. 😫🐍❤️

marisamarinee2015.12.15 - 10:19AM29: Chapter 29Signed
Great story!! Enjoyed every bit of it!!!

marisamarinee2015.12.15 - 09:41AM24: Chapter 24Signed
Lovely chapter

marisamarinee2015.12.14 - 09:02PM6: Chapter 6Signed
I'm hooked!!

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