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Reviews for Fruit Of A Bitter Harvest

mt_nestor2015.09.08 - 06:01PM1: OneSigned

Oh my! This is a beautifully written story that Iíve enjoyed reading very much. No ending? No problem. This is how I envision it:

This will not be a long, drawn-out tale where Severus and Hermione have long periods of angst, second guessing, misunderstandings, or time away from each other. Theyíve already had enough suffering, so Iíd like to give them a break. Severus presents the divorce papers to Hermione and begins to tell her that he understands entirely if she - He canít finish his thought, for Hermione smiles, calls him a dunderhead, and rips the parchment up in very small pieces. They go on to live fluffily ever after, having lots of sex and babies.

Author's Response: Thank you very much for the review, guess the follow on story is already sorted then:)

Helena Rickman2015.07.26 - 08:30AM1: OneSigned
Oh, my. A broken Hermione? A Snape - dispassionate exterior but sympathetic interior? This story is just what I love!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, Helena

CurlyQueue2012.11.23 - 09:05AM1: OneSigned
Liked the story very much. It's nice to see mature adult behaviour in fanfiction. I hated the ending, though because I like a nice solid conclusion. Therefore I am very eager to read the sequel.

Author's Response: Hi Curly Queue, thanks for the review, real life has interfered with the sequel so far, but the plot remains on my hard drive. Now I just need the time.

sevra282011.12.20 - 04:47PM1: OneSigned
Oh no! This story is so angsty. I love it I hope you continue it.

Author's Response: Hi sevra28, I have started the sequel, and I'm very happy that you like it so much. Thanks for the review.

loreen772011.10.20 - 09:14PM1: OneSigned
Sad, angst, and such raw emotion in so few words. Great start.

Author's Response: Hi loreen77, Thank you for the review, it is always great to find out if your intentions in writing come across to others.

vze57t9j2011.10.18 - 04:37AM1: OneSigned
I'm so sorry! I thought that I had reviewed this lovely fic earlier. Excellent beginning and a wonderful take on the Marriage Law. My rash healed a few years ago, so I think I will be safe reading this now, lol. Honestly, ML fics are a guilty pleasure of mine, and this one is just divine! :D

Author's Response: Not to worry you made up for the slip with the lovely review. :D

Jong_Kahn2011.10.14 - 10:37PM1: OneSigned
I'm rereading this to refresh my memory for the feel of it, not just for the actions and interactions that happened. I don't know how a musician, I missed this sentence: "Though the gossip regarding the couple had been quelled, the wave of uneasy apprehension it evoked in the older students thrummed through the school like a dissonant tritone." Great phrase, "thrummed...like a dissonant tritone"! Of course, there is no other kind. But the fact that it could not fit into normal harmony gave the tritone the nickname "Diabolus in musica"-'-the devil in music'. Here's hoping you get Hermione and Severus to ultimately get into emotional consonance. On to the second chapter!

Author's Response: Hi, the phrase was originally something like 'thrummed through the school like the electrical charge just before a storm.' Then I happened to listen to some, how shall I phrase this politely, music that only a musician would appreciate. Being only a part time dabbler it set the fillings in my teeth on edge and so the phrase was changed. In the end I should be grateful to the devil's music as it improved my image I think. As for emotional consonance, well now that would be telling. Thanks for the review, they are always appreciated.

greenwood2011.10.12 - 11:08PM1: OneSigned
Wow this is really good! I love how you have Snape and Hermione is this position of shared pain. The parallel of Hermione's pain on learning that Ron has a wife and her being 'trapped' in a 'servitude' to someone she has no passion for is so like Snape's past loss of Lily and his being 'trapped' in servitude to the DL. Well done. I look forward to more/

Author's Response: HI greenwood, thank you so much for taking the time to review.This story was one that I kept coming back to and re-writing. There was something about their being caught in a situation beyond their making that kept nibbling away at me. You have picked up on a couple of the themes and I hope the rest I have written will do the story justice.I hope the next part will be up soon, it has been in the queue for close to two weeks now (very busy admins) but I hope it will appear soon. I hope you enjoy the rest,S.

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