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Reviews for Fruit Of A Bitter Harvest

OfSpock2017.04.03 - 08:21PM9: Final chapterSigned
Truly beautiful.

Author's Response: Hi OfSpock, very many thanks for the lovely review.

Pixie Dust2017.01.24 - 03:43AM6: SixSigned
Love this!!!

Author's Response: Hi thanks for reviewing, always a buzz to get one.

mt_nestor2015.09.08 - 06:01PM1: OneSigned

Oh my! This is a beautifully written story that Iíve enjoyed reading very much. No ending? No problem. This is how I envision it:

This will not be a long, drawn-out tale where Severus and Hermione have long periods of angst, second guessing, misunderstandings, or time away from each other. Theyíve already had enough suffering, so Iíd like to give them a break. Severus presents the divorce papers to Hermione and begins to tell her that he understands entirely if she - He canít finish his thought, for Hermione smiles, calls him a dunderhead, and rips the parchment up in very small pieces. They go on to live fluffily ever after, having lots of sex and babies.

Author's Response: Thank you very much for the review, guess the follow on story is already sorted then:)

Helena Rickman2015.07.26 - 12:10PM9: Final chapterSigned
The ending? Well, I know how this ends. Hermione loves him, and knows he will approach this the most self - depricating way possible. Of course she rips the annulment up. Thanks for a very loving and well written story. Helena

Author's Response: And thank you for taking the time to review and who knows perhaps I will at last get around to the sequel.

Helena Rickman2015.07.26 - 08:30AM1: OneSigned
Oh, my. A broken Hermione? A Snape - dispassionate exterior but sympathetic interior? This story is just what I love!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, Helena

fallconsmate2015.02.15 - 11:00PM9: Final chapterSigned
i can understand why people would wish rotten tomatoes upon you for this unsure ending...but i think it is better for NOT having a happy ending. the whole story is laid on a bedrock of unhappy begining and then slowly building towards friendship and understanding. we do not need to know how it ends, THEY know how it ends. it ends, as it should have begun, with *choice*. and that's the best thing severus could give to hermione, choice where she had none.

Author's Response: Hi I was pleasantly surprised to get very few tomatoes. The end and beginning were written in about 20 mins, and though tempted it just did not feel right to alter the end. I am glad you enjoyed it and took the time to review.

duj2014.09.14 - 12:55PM9: Final chapterSigned
I think this story is stronger with this ending. The rest of their story could go in a sequel. It doesn't belong here.

Author's Response: Hi duj, thanks for the vote for the ending being as was, I agree the rest is suited for a sequel.

asprickman2012.11.27 - 09:05PM9: Final chapterSigned
This is getting worrying - 2 a.m and I just had to re-read the whole 9 chapters. told you - your writing is addictive! This is masterly, a superb piece of writing; different in style from many of your other stories which is impressive, equally well crafted and written but a very different `feel'. I think you were quite right to stick with your original ending, much as I would adore a sequel. It works brilliantly leaving it open, allows me to be certain they stay together - the respect, mutual consideration and friendship is so strong. Having said that I do hope you complete and publish the continuation of this tale, I'd love to know what you decide for them and, more importantly, I'd love to read it as I just adore your creativity, perfect characterisations, ability to really get into, and explain, the minds of your characters and your use of language - yep, you guessed it, I'm a fan!

Author's Response: Hi asprickman, You know the true joy of any writer is in the reviews they receive. Sometimes they stimulate discussion or thought, sometimes they bring a smile, sometimes they warm your heart. Yours, cariad, do all three, or is that four. though I am feeling guilty of depriving you of sleep. I agree that this one is different in style and feel to the others it was the most stubborn one. The beginning and the end appeared almost as they appear in the final draft in the space of about twenty minutes, the rest went through about three different versions and sat about glaring at me from the hard drive for the better part of a year. As for the continuation, I thought I had the idea planned out and then it started behaving like its predecessor. It is still being worked on (very slowly) but I never post unless I feel that a story has legs and is complete. In addition an original story has been bugging me to write it for a while now. Now I just have to get the time. Thank you for your enthusiasm and for the joy your reviews have brought. Perhaps if I get the speech recognition software it will up my rather slow writing speed. Thank you once again.:) shuldham

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