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Reviews for The Hard Way

beaweasley22011.09.15 - 07:54AM1: The Hard WaySigned
Very nice. I love how he quoted the song when she confronted him about what he'd said to her about staying. She's a smart cookie to know the exact words to make him fight back to slavage this. .

Jong_Kahn2011.09.14 - 09:17PM1: The Hard WaySigned
Very well-captured and believable personalities here. Is this a one-shot, or is there going to be more? Whichever it is, thank you for having written this.

regs2011.09.13 - 03:19PM1: The Hard WaySigned
thank goodness she was able to talk some sense into his head! he is so stubborn

sarahdaye92011.09.10 - 09:30AM1: The Hard WaySigned
Good story! As much as I love him, Snape would def. be hard to live with. I think Hermione would have to do the same as 'your' Hermione many many times.

spunkalovely2011.09.09 - 11:09PM1: The Hard WaySigned
I love this.

loreen772011.09.09 - 08:24PM1: The Hard WaySigned
Intense emotions. Well done.

Trawler2011.09.09 - 06:54PM1: The Hard WaySigned
Well written and, as you say, the perfect situation for the song. Loved that third to last paragraph, where Severus breaks down - emotionally and physically - and I think it's possibly the best part of the piece!

Author's Response: Thank you so very much!!

severus492011.09.08 - 08:43PM1: The Hard WaySigned
Even if he threatened her safety? Ooh, that's a little too much to give. I've seen women who have been abused - it's not pretty and it's never okay. Go to, domesticviolencenomore.com

Author's Response: Threatened her safety as in old Death Eater's were trying to kill him and might accidentally hurt her in the process. *That's* what I meant by that.

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