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Reviews for Save The Last Dance For Me

Horserider2011.11.09 - 10:31PM1: OneSigned
Love it! I was wondering where this was going, and now I know! :)

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing:)

Tangerine Dream2011.09.18 - 01:32PM1: OneSigned
Truly Wonderful!

Author's Response: Hello TD always a delight to get a review from you, thanks

Majenta2011.09.18 - 09:06AM1: OneSigned
Short, sweet - and perfect xx

Author's Response: As is your review. Thank you

lie2011.09.13 - 09:11AM1: OneSigned
Oh thats lovely. Very sweet.

Author's Response: Hi lie, Thank you for reading and for the lovely review.

joannie2011.09.12 - 09:46PM1: OneSigned
Lovely piece, m'dear. I love the ending with Ron's response.

Author's Response: Hi joannie, I'm glad you enjoyed it, thanks for reviewing.

Jinxie2011.09.09 - 08:26AM1: OneSigned
Very sweet. Thanks for sharing!

Author's Response: Hi Jinxie, Thanks for reviewing.

debjunk2011.09.05 - 01:15AM1: OneSigned
Love how they exited, and Ron's reaction.

Author's Response: Hi debjunk,always exit with style,and if possible leaving Ron a little green. Thanks for reviewing :)

LazzyLizzard2011.09.05 - 01:12AM1: OneSigned
You don't really need a review, you must know this is short , sweet and beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Author's Response: Hi Lazzy Lizzard, Oh, but the ego must be fed from time to time, Thank you for the beautiful review. It will keep the ego monster content for a while. :)

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