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Reviews for Salazar's Heir

chrissyseebs2006.05.01 - 05:27AM35: Phoenix TearsSigned
well you've really thought about all the details!

Jana2004.02.21 - 10:17AM35: Phoenix TearsAnonymous
is there more?

LadyFlashB2004.02.21 - 02:56AM35: Phoenix TearsAnonymous
*stands and applauds wildly for YsM* I love this story! Story, hell -- it's a novel! Being obsessive by nature when confronted with a well written tale, I devoured all 35 chapters in on night. Couldn't stop. Only broke for calls-of-naturer and a frantic cigarette run. What an original and well thought out story. The plot, the characters, everything has been supplied in such depth. Your tale truly has taken a life of its own. After reading your "Living on Borrowed Time", I had no doubt to you story-telling abilities. I am glad that I took the time to rread this and thank you for taking all the time to write. *grins broadly* Especially love the way you have exposed Albus as a Master Manipulator. Touched by the phoenix tears and the Dark Mark. Only two more? I look forward with eager anticipation. Cheers, Luv! LadyFlashB.

JoyousTrouble2004.02.20 - 10:14AM35: Phoenix TearsSigned
OH YAY!! Only two more left, right? Oh I dun want it to end!! But I do!! ARGH, what a tough choice!!

Clair2004.02.20 - 08:05AM35: Phoenix TearsAnonymous
Very very good...

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