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Reviews for Textures

Guinnevere2012.12.23 - 10:04PM1: TexturesSigned
It surprised me that, in addition to the eroticism, there is a strong thread of melancholy to this story. It's clear that he has Hermione in his blood, and he's in her blood as well, but he's literally gone through Hell to get where he is today.

The story made me a bit misty, but I like it all the more for that. Well done!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your lovely comments. I do like to think that Severus would have learned to live with himself (because as far as I'm concerned, he did NOT die), but he would have learned to acknowledge all the components of his life. He is a very intelligent man, but one who remembers all too well where he comes from. It's in his blood as well. Thank you for reading and taking the time to give such encouraging and supportive feedback.

scumblackentropy2012.09.10 - 02:03PM1: TexturesSigned
"That's enough. Spread your legs." Oh my dear lord I don't even have the words.

Author's Response: What can I say? I love those Manc boys - they have a language all their own. I'm so glad you've been enjoying my fics!

slm2012.08.31 - 08:53AM1: TexturesSigned
Love this story when are you going to finish Lay me Low that is one amazing story, you are so right about the Manc men I am from just outside Manchester myself and you are spot on in saying that once you get under the surface then they are quite affectionate xx

Author's Response: Thank you so much - I am planning on finishing Lay Me Low by the end of the year. It's just a few chapters away from the end, but I'm at a tough place in the story, and it's a hard chapter to write. I've been working on several other projects as well, but now that I'm close to finishing Lay Me Low, I'm ready to get on with it! Yes, I love me some Manc boys. They can be very sweet when you get to know them. I lived in England for 10 years, and I loved the guys I met from there - they can be a right handful, but all in all, sweet tempered if you know how to handle them ;)

Buggy2012.05.21 - 11:50AM1: TexturesSigned
I love your writing.

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

Maria2012.01.06 - 03:46PM1: TexturesSigned
How did I miss this story? That was hot and sensual at the same time! His Manc roots both seduce and repel me at the same time, it's part of why the character in the canon fascinates me. What I mean by 'repel' is that whole working class misogyny that I experienced when I lived in Sheffield (I'm Canadian and I was horrified by it - not to say that type of attitude doesn't exist in Canada, but it's very rare), yet those men have an earthy, very honest charm when they allow themselves to be tender.

Author's Response: I understand what you mean. I lived in England for 10 years, but I'm Southern and we have our share of redneck misogynists as well, unfortunately. But yes, I loved that Northern men could be quite cuddly when the mood was on them - I worked with several, and I found them to be quite passionate - much more than their London cousins sometimes! Yes, you're right - it is an earthy, sort of coarse charm, but it always was genuine.

Kittens2011.09.14 - 03:56PM1: TexturesSigned
You are by far my favourite author, and I suppose it shows in how your reviews are longer than your piece ;)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I am thrilled to be someone's favourite author!

lie2011.08.02 - 07:30PM1: TexturesSigned
Wonderfull, I always love your writing. I have a thing about hands too and I agree with all my heart that 1- AR should have let the northern show through from time to time, 2- he is not really a cold bastard and 3- HE DID NOT DIE oh no indeed! You keep writing and we can all keep believing it LOL.

Author's Response: Hear Hear! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I do love a man with a Northern accent. He should have been allowed to let his Manc roots show through, especially when he was sizing up to Sirius! I so appreciate your statement that you love my writing - that is so special and means the world to me. Chapter 21 of Lay Me Low will be up soon, I promise, as soon as Jules gets back from vacation.

BulletTimeScully2011.07.28 - 12:39PM1: TexturesSigned
Oh, Teddy, Teddy... what can I say? A lush, erotic, wonderful tale. I love the imagery... it's so raw... so gritty. Perfect! I love the idea of Snape having a bit of a Northern accent, as opposed to the crisp and proper one we've seen in the movies. It tells a lot about him that his roots might show through when he's upset... that the facade falls, if even for a moment. Lovely tale, as always!

Author's Response: Oh, thank you, Bullet! Your kind words mean more than I can say - you know how I look up to you! I have a 'thing' about Severus and his Manc roots... I use it shamelessly in Lay Me Low, and pretty much everything I write. I think he would work so hard to gloss it over, but the Northern accent spoken by a man with a deep voice is just luscious. One only has to listen to Sean Bean to hear that! ;) I think it would come out when Severus is upset... or drunk... or excited... ;)

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