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Reviews for From Mother to Daughter: Severus

loreen772018.04.29 - 10:42AM2: Part TwoSigned
I donít know which I liked better. It is perfect to have these as companion pieces. I am glad they found love. I just hope her mom finds it too.

Lucretia1232012.03.22 - 05:35AM2: Part TwoSigned
Loved it! Loved both versions of the story!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

Angelicminx2012.02.11 - 09:56PM2: Part TwoSigned
Brilliant! Will you update? Such a lovely story, just beautiful!

Author's Response: Thank you so much. But no,it's just a one-shot.

Jong_Kahn2011.06.14 - 12:37PM2: Part TwoSigned
First, let me tell you how much I always enjoy your writing. When I see your name as author, I know it will be worth reading, whatever it is. That's true here, too. But as someone closer to Monica's age than Hermione's, I can say this sentence proves this story is fiction: "Actually, the strangest thing about it all was that there was no awkwardness in the shift of their relationship." Yeah, right. As jealous as Hermione used to get about Ron with anyone else, do we really think her mother would be so blase about losing a man like Severus to anyone else? Not bloody likely! And to have her not show ANY negative feelings whatsoever to either Sev OR Hermione? Nope--like I say, that proves this is a work of fiction. I realize Ashwinder is devoted to the SS/HG pairing, so it couldn't end up any other way here. I do wish you could go to Occlumency and do an alternate version where he stays with Monica. Severus with someone his own age--dare I to hope? Alas, not so.

Author's Response: I'm not that far from Monica's age, too, and this was realistic enough to me. I suppose we would all react differently to the same situation. Thanks for reading.

vze57t9j2011.06.07 - 12:08AM1: Part OneSigned
I think I've lost my marbles! It took me seeing this on the completed fics list for like six days in a row for me to realize that this one is from Severus pov, not a reposting of the original story. Sorry for the delay! Anyways, this is a really great way to see what was going through Sev's head while he was trying to figure out the Granger ladies! :D

Author's Response: Thank you for reading.

Jadecadence2011.06.02 - 03:07AM2: Part TwoSigned
Wow! thank YOU for tackling such a possibly challenging story, yet making it tender yet believable!

Author's Response: When I got the prompts, I had no choice but to write it. My betas were invaluable in helping me something palatable. Thank you for reading.

SandyKinns2011.06.01 - 06:18AM2: Part TwoSigned
Wow, this is really excellent. I usually prefer long fics, but I think you did a marvelous job capturing real emotion yet still keeping it short. Thank you.

Author's Response: Thank you so much *bows*

beaweasley22011.05.31 - 05:51PM2: Part TwoSigned
Simply loving this. I do hope that there is a chapter three because, while this could be an ending, I want more! Gads, I just broke my own rule: never beg for more if its a one shot or short fic - but there you have it, you made me break my own rule! I love the slow development and Monica's approval. Lovely story.

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I really appreciate your comment. Alas for you, there isn't more and I don't plan on more. I'd need a time-turner in RL otherwise.

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