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Reviews for Salazar's Heir

snapefan19832014.10.01 - 04:47PM34: Hogwarts' ChoiceSigned
do they would never be able to do the binding charm or get married?? There should be another way to proceed, but I think its impossible to use the blood binding ceremony. Im afraid that my blood would react the same way as the reversing potion were I to add yours to it.

snapefan19832014.10.01 - 04:34PM34: Hogwarts' ChoiceSigned
what does that mean?? He will be remembered, he repeated, his smile turning into a knowing smirk. I can already hear his name being called. does that mean hermione is now pregnant and will call him that name??

snapefan19832014.10.01 - 04:34PM34: Hogwarts' ChoiceSigned
if he finishes the potion to take away the griff and slytherine etc blood from here does that mean he will take way the unicorn blood too and cancel out the fact that she is the daugher of a unicorn???

chrissyseebs2006.05.01 - 05:18AM34: Hogwarts' ChoiceSigned
what a painful chapter!

Clair2004.02.19 - 08:39AM34: Hogwarts' ChoiceAnonymous
Oh god, he's changing back...

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