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Reviews for Joy Comes In The Mourning

Jensteed2015.03.17 - 10:15PM2: Redux - The Expanded Version of Chapter OneSigned
Vampire!Severus is really not my normal read, it's just not my cup of tea...but saying that, this is still excellent! I'd say that you've tempted me to try the genre, but honestly I think it's just that I'm physically unable to not love everything you write ;) I enjoyed their absolute indifference to anything and everything beyond each other. Him suckling blood from her like a babe with mothers milk was an incredible image.

Author's Response: You are giving me such an amazing boost to my ego - thank you so very much. I'm thrilled that you enjoy my stories, and so willing to try genres that you don't usually care for. That is so incredibly gratifying. Thank you so very, very much. You have no idea how much your incredible comments have fed my soul.

Farsideomoon2014.10.27 - 09:43AM2: Redux - The Expanded Version of Chapter OneSigned
Love a little vampire reading. Especially at Halloween.

Author's Response: Happy Halloween! I'm glad you enjoyed it - thank you for reading!

kass422014.06.09 - 11:26PM2: Redux - The Expanded Version of Chapter OneSigned
Wow, just wow

Author's Response: Thank you!

luciblue2013.12.09 - 12:08AM2: Redux - The Expanded Version of Chapter OneSigned
I'm kind of continually blown away by your ability to write Severus and Hermione in myriad situations: happy, sad, joyful, desperate, dark, light...you're really the only author I've read so far that is able to mold them into so many different kinds of people, allowing them to be as complex as they truly are. I'm so glad you've avoided such narrow interpretations. Thank you so much for writing everything; I've sucked all your fiction dry.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for having your wicked way with my fics! Nothing makes me happier. I have a Muse who gives me all these stories, and when he and I are working together, I am amazed at what he comes up with. The words fly as if I'm taking dictation. That is the best feeling in the world for me, and I hope we can continue to provide you with stories you will enjoy. Thank you so much for all your amazing comments.

Buggy2012.10.11 - 08:31PM2: Redux - The Expanded Version of Chapter OneSigned
oh gosh, I am so sold! I will definately go and explore/sign up when I've a bit more time, it's incredibly late here in good ole Blighty and I like to have plenty of time when I'm exploring new websites. Thank you also for the 'friend' offer. I shall certainly take you up on that when I sign up. See you on the other side... ;-)

Author's Response: Great - you'll see a lot of familiar names over there, and they are all great people. Looking forward to friending you there.

Buggy2012.10.11 - 07:54PM2: Redux - The Expanded Version of Chapter OneSigned
Thank you so much for the fanfic recommendation, I'm sure I will enjoy reading that. I shall check out the Live Journal Community you speak of as well. That sounds like my kind of place! :-) Once again, thank you!. :-)

Author's Response: I highly recommend joining. There is a thriving SSHG community of writers and artists and readers and fans like you and me there. It's a very supportive group of people, as well as the best place to read SSHG. The SSHG Gift Exchange will be starting in a couple of weeks, and you will read the best of the best there, hot off the press. Please feel free to friend me when you sign up. I'll get you hooked up with the best group of online friends you'll ever want to meet.

Buggy2012.10.09 - 07:54PM2: Redux - The Expanded Version of Chapter OneSigned
Thank you for the book recommendations. I've added the first three to my Amazon shopping basket and will get them as soon as I am able. Also, If you would kindly name the other Vampire Snape fics that you read and enjoyed on here and/or other sites, I would be most grateful! Thanks. :-)

Author's Response: One of the ones I was looking for has been removed. It was called Mausoleum, and the author has removed all her fanfics from the net :(. A terrific writer named darkrivertempest wrote one called The Jaws of Darkness Do Devour, which is on Ashwinder. I would also HIGHLY recommend you join Live Journal - there is a community there called Quiz_SSHG, in which a different genre of SSHG fics are featured each week with around 10 fics each. The Quiz is to match the quote given with the story. There are dozens of good subjects for the quiz, and you wouldn't believe the amount of great SSHG stories that you find ONLY on LiveJournal - including a set of Vampire SSHG fics! I really hope you enjoy the Black Dagger books - they are the best, in my opinion. These guys rock - they make Twilight look like a bunch of babies! ;)

Buggy2012.10.09 - 07:37PM2: Redux - The Expanded Version of Chapter OneSigned
So, here I was perusing Ashwinder thinking to myself, "self, I wonder what's new in Teddy's fanfic world?" and then I found this. Oh my! It isn't like Snape isn't sexy enough, you then go and bring us Vampire Snape, my favourite character inhabiting my favourite genre of fiction. It's official...I think I love you! ;-) lol This story is amazing, I love how they found each other and the ending really reminds me of the final scene of the film 'Queen of the Damned' where Lestat and Jessie are walking through eternity together. Loved that scene and your line "They moved quiet as wraiths throughout the world, satisfying their hunger, and healing their once lonely hearts." really reminded me of that scene. I thank you. P.S. You know, this fic would lend itself brilliantly to a longer, many chaptered story... {hint hint, wink, nudge, wink} ;-)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! When I originally wrote this story, it was for the GrangerSnape100 Drabble Community on LiveJournal, but I knew there was more to say. I decided to put both versions here, and some people say they prefer the first one, and some the second. I do love a good vampire fic, and there are a few Severus as Vampire fics that I absolutely love here. In fact, a little birdie told me that Bulletimescully is writing one, so watch this space. Seriously, if I ever get more Vamp!Snape fic given to me, I'll certainly write it - I love this genre as well. Thank you for your wonderful comment. I read Queen of the Damned about 20 years ago, and I don't remember anything about it at all! Perhaps in my subconscious mind I was recalling it. There is another great short fic here, where she asks him if there will be wine and apples and cake if she becomes a vampire, and he promises her there is, so I wanted them to be able to enjoy food. By the way, if you love a good vamp series, check out the Black Dagger Brotherhood - the BEST vampire series EVER!

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