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Reviews for The Sensual World

GeekOfManyForms 2018.12.10 - 09:35AM5: FiveSigned
This is one of the best fics I have ever read. I really enjoyed Sub Snape. Id love to read more like it. They are incredibly hard to find.

Author's Response: Thank you!

deedeebug952015.05.02 - 01:04AM5: FiveSigned
Had to revisit a favorite tonight, you are a treasure!!

Author's Response: Thank you, Dee! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

Jensteed2015.03.16 - 08:41PM5: FiveSigned
I started this ages ago and I'm so sorry but I bowed out early, I just couldn't fully get into a submissive Severus right at that point. But I'm so glad I came back!! It was beautiful and so meaningful, an absolutely perfect look into his soul. As always, you write with such passion and deep understanding of your characters it just takes my breath away. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, it was incredible.

Author's Response: First of all, thank you so much for giving my story another try. I really appreciate that. Your kind and generous comments truly made my day. Thank you for your kindness. You've made my day!

DaggerSeishin2015.01.27 - 11:49AM5: FiveSigned
ill admit i was weary of reading this at first but i liked it. well done

Author's Response: I'm really hoping you meant 'wary'! :) Thank you.

kass422014.06.10 - 12:38AM5: FiveSigned
Words fail me, so very good

Author's Response: Thank you!

artemis32014.05.10 - 01:32PM5: FiveSigned
Wow, what a wonderful Story. After I was done reading it, I had to read it again. At first I was sceptic. I could not imagine a submissive Snape, but now, and with all he had to go through in his past, it is not as impossible as I thought it first. In contrary, I like this constellation Sub Severus/ Dom Hermione.

Author's Response: Thank you! The more I learned about Severus, the more I was convinced of his submissive tendencies. While it is lovely to fantasise about him as the Dom, I can't even truly see him in other than a 'role playing' Dom. But I could see him as a sub so very, very well. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Elle_of_Erised2014.02.28 - 04:53PM5: FiveSigned
Well, that was interesting. Sounds like being a Dom could be fun every now and then. It's seems a little strange to me, though. This sure was an eye-opener--I didn't realize D/s could be respectful and didn't center on pain. But, one thing bothers me about the plot: is he still her legal slave? If so, I have serious issues with that. I like how you chose to give them a successful career as sex shop entreprenuers. The best revenge is living well!

Author's Response: Hermione never considered him her slave, legal or otherwise. The idea of ownership isn't a D/s concept. There is no such thing as a slave in this lifestyle, except in fantasy role play, and then only if both participants agree to that kind of role. In the D/s lifestyle, both parties are willing and active participants in how they interact with one another. The first rule of Dominant/submissive is respect. Their motto is safe, sane and consensual. To a Dominant, his or her submissive is their treasure, their reason for living, and a good Dom feels immense responsibility for the welfare of the sub. The last thing he or she wants is to harm their sub. In this particular lifestyle that I wrote about, called the Daddy/lil girl relationship (the genders can be either or both) this is especially true. Thank you for reviewing!

MuNition2014.01.19 - 09:28AM3: ThreeSigned
The main problem with the explanation of why Snape is a sub is that it applies more so to Hermione. Snape was not in control of the situation in canon, he just rode it out to the best of his ability. Don't get me wrong, I could see a submissive Snape (without the nagging self-reproach of "Dumbledore and Voldermort weren't enough for you, Snivellus")... Just this explanation feels forced.

Author's Response: Thank you for your comment.

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