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Reviews for The Varlet

verasuspense2018.04.07 - 06:15PM6: Cherchez la FemmeSigned
I wonder what Maxwell pulled on the Malfoys and Parkinsons ?

verasuspense2018.04.07 - 06:13PM7: The Auror ComethSigned
From the looks of it, this story has been abandoned, which is a terrible pity. If Chapter 8 were to appear, my guess is that it would go something like this: Ron shows up to Remus' wake and is surprised to find Hermione there, since he never saw Harry's letter. As usual, he acts boorish, until Snape slaps him down. Hermione just hopes he will leave without seeing the boys, but he comes upon them playing with their Child Wands and realizes that they are not Squibs. So he applies for custody, only to learn that he can't get it because of the ORR which Maureen signed. He and Maureen have a big fight and she throws him out.

verasuspense2014.10.14 - 12:48AM1: Opportunity KnocksSigned
it's such a pity that this story has been abandoned. I was so looking forward to seeing the Ginger Whinger get what's coming to him.

Amr2013.09.01 - 12:14AM7: The Auror ComethSigned
This is such a fabulous story, with so many interesting elements--the politics, the horrible murders, Ron and his sleazy double-crossing lawyer and wife, and now a population crisis, in addition to the Arthurian hints. Beyond that, it has a really nice atmosphere--I don't know how else to say it, but Hermione, Severus, and the twins, regardless of the awful things happening around them, have a certain lightness that I miss in some of your other stories. I loved your Invictus, and I really like Discard as well, but you have to admit that they're a bit Dark. This one isn't--I think it's your best so far, and I really hope you're planning to continue it. (I read this when you first posted it, of course, and must have reviewed it somewhere, but re-reading the whole thing--when it popped up on the random stories--was really a treat. Thanks!)

verasuspense2013.03.12 - 01:23PM4: Secrets from the PastSigned
If Delores Umbridge is still at large, she'd be my prime suspect for killing Remus. Somebody had better check the health of other werewolves, ASAP, because if the plot wasn't aimed at Remus specifically, they are all at risk.

Jong_Kahn2013.02.19 - 09:19PM1: Opportunity KnocksSigned
Mr. Doomspark, sir! Seeing as it's been nigh onto nine months now, how's about throwing us raptors another hunk of fresh chapter? Miss your writing, Doomy dear! Here's a "9" just to 'spark' your interest!

verasuspense2012.11.14 - 09:23PM5: Clues in the PresentSigned
My first guess as to who would want Remus dead would be Dolores Umbridge, but I doubt she knows much about the muggle world; she despises muggles almost as much as she does werewolves.

Suedahling2012.11.05 - 10:44AM7: The Auror ComethSigned
i just foind this story and got hooked. I hope you haven't abandoned it! The plot is wonderful.

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