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Reviews for Not of Marble

Tangerine Dream2011.03.02 - 04:39PM1: Not of MarbleSigned
How sad for Lucius, but it's wonderful to have such supportive friends in such harsh times.

MlleGigi2011.03.01 - 11:35AM1: Not of MarbleSigned
it's nice to see a story which allows Lucius to be human instead of just a monster, because many of the people who choose for whatever reason to do bad things are more complex than that. I'd be curious to know whom you pictured as the two who comfort him, especially since this is clearly an AU story given that Narcissa was alive at the end of DH...Draco and Astoria (son and daughter-in-law)? Severus and Hermione (best friend and new love/best friend's love)? Or perhaps even Draco and Hermione (son and new love or daughter-in-law)? Or did you intend to leave it vague so that the readers would be prompted to decide for themselves?

Author's Response: I was relying on the external context (the archive, the story summary) to imply that it was Hermione & Severus within my 'Beyond the Door' universe.

adelgado2011.03.01 - 04:39AM1: Not of MarbleSigned
aww. poor L but am glad tht they understand and support him. I imaging it would take time for him to start to grive

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