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Reviews for Future Perfect

beriliostoneg2018.09.13 - 08:47PM7: More SurprisesSigned
It is very interesting! I hope that severus can have a good life in the new universe he had landed. I was completely surprised to know that petunia was Harry's mother! But it makes things more intersting. I hope severus and hermione can meet and like each other. It is logical that hermione and harry are not friends since there wasn't an incident like the throll in the bathroom to make her part of the group. Please continue this story, I love fanfic about time travel, time turner and alternate universes.

MsTree2013.01.24 - 03:10PM7: More SurprisesSigned
I just finished reading this little snippet of a story and had to wonder: ARE YOU EVER GOING TO FINISH IT? *grin* I would really love to see it finished. ^_^

FearlessFlyer2012.04.26 - 11:27PM7: More SurprisesSigned
I'm looking forward to the entrance of Hermione. Will it be hate at first sight, or will it be the opposite? I can't wait to find out!

Sophsnape2011.12.23 - 12:12AM7: More SurprisesSigned
This is one of the most creative fics ever. I can't stop gasping and making these little surprised noises everytime something new comes up. Can not possibly wait for next chapter!

Aflibble2011.12.01 - 10:18PM7: More SurprisesSigned
more please, I love how this is all falling into place. There are not so many differences just because Severus and his parents never were is it? I look forward to reading what comes next.

adelgado2011.11.30 - 03:36PM7: More SurprisesSigned
Wow... WOW. Man what a different world... AWESOME. Thanks for writing. :)

Author's Response: Kinda turned everything upsidedown, eh? I'm glad you're enjoying Future Perfect. Stay tuned!

starshinedown2011.11.28 - 03:40PM7: More SurprisesSigned
A hugely interesting peek at a possible future. I think you're breaking my brain with all the changes! :)

Author's Response: We'll assume that brain-breaking is a good thing in this instance *grin*. I'm glad you're enjoying my story.

MysticRaven2011.11.22 - 05:18PM7: More SurprisesSigned
I just started reading this fic today and I'm quite enthralled by this parallel universe you've created. Not to mention, highly amused by some of your pairings and career choices for certain folk. :P

Author's Response: This is what happens when my Inner Goblin takes control and asks me "What would happen if...?" Glad you're enjoying it!

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