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Reviews for Catspaws

loreen772014.01.15 - 08:02AM14: Chapter FourteenSigned
Best chapter yet. Love the truthserum spiked into their food.

Logbrandur2011.06.04 - 03:52PM14: Chapter FourteenSigned
Wow, this story is gorgeous! I came across this via the random fic button and it's really arresting. I hope you keep on updating and i'd love to read a new chapter soon.

pathseeker2011.05.14 - 07:57PM14: Chapter FourteenSigned
What a terrific story!! I am owned by three dachshunds, and they are the bosses! I love how the Familiars make their pets do what they want them to... How Slytherin! Please continue!

Anodyne2011.04.09 - 01:09AM14: Chapter FourteenSigned
Please update when you have the chance. Love the story!

twohawks2011.03.09 - 01:27AM14: Chapter FourteenSigned
I've been watching and waiting for this update! I knew you wouldn't abandon such a wonderful plot! I absolutely love it!

Author's Response: Thanks! I hope you continue to enjoy my story!

AussieWolf2011.03.02 - 12:08AM14: Chapter FourteenSigned
I love your take on the Familiars, it's so fun to see them interact in ways I've never considered before. In HP canon it seems like they're just pets and that's all, but yours are so much more entertaining. I especially love how they manipulate the humans in such a Slytherin fashion. Looking forward to reading more - fantastic job so far, thank you for sharing!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm owned by three cats, so I know how manipulative they can be.

snivelluisly snaped2011.02.27 - 06:01AM14: Chapter FourteenSigned
very entertaining so far. please continue! thanks!

Author's Response: I'm working on it! Hope you continue to enjoy it!

adelgado2011.02.27 - 01:12AM14: Chapter FourteenSigned
OHH exciting!! I am so glad I started this story. I see that you have worked on it a long time. Thank you for being persistent with it. I look forward to when you are able to update.

Author's Response: I'm glad you're enjoying my little story. I'll try to be better about updates.

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