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Reviews for Atodedig

Jadecadence2013.10.03 - 06:34AM1: OneSigned
By the way, what does yr title of the story mean? I forgot to ask.

Author's Response: Oh and the meaning translates as attached (sort of).

Jadecadence2013.10.03 - 06:33AM1: OneSigned
Do you intend to write more? I forgot to praise you for a very believable story. (no sarcasm intended)

Author's Response: Thanks again, I have a number of stories posted here at Ashwinder and have some more sulking on my hard drive but my writing has taken a back seat to getting my business off the ground, oh, and the title is Welsh all my stories in the S/H/I world have a Welsh title.

Jadecadence2013.10.03 - 06:32AM1: OneSigned
I don't usually read 1-shot stories because they are usually supremely unsatisfying but i'm glad i did for yours! =)) your fanfic deserves more likes!

Author's Response: Thank you for taking the chance and reviewing it is all the pay we get :)

Sarablade2012.06.25 - 06:34AM1: OneSigned

Author's Response: Thank you

loreen772011.09.04 - 06:55PM1: OneSigned
Giggles.....very funny.

Author's Response: Hi loreen77, I'm happy you enjoyed it.

tialangela2011.06.21 - 08:32PM1: OneSigned
"Thit!" :D I was ROFL and wiping off tears of sheer histeric laughter when my husband walked on me and asked, really surprised what was so funny. It took me quite a while to stop laughing helplessly and answer him. By the way, although I can read and speak English, it is not my mother language; I still couldn't figure out what the title means, in Severus fluffy-dragon-covered-mouth. Great story!

Author's Response: Hi again tialangela, and once again thank you for the lovely review. It is always good to know when a story has pleased someone. As for the title it isn't English (I know, very unfair). When I write anything set in the S/H/I world the titles are always in Welsh. This one means attached. Thanks for the reviews they made me smile. I hope you enjoy my other stories.

Jong_Kahn2011.02.22 - 02:56AM1: OneSigned
Sweet, sweet, sweet! I love the happy ending, and it was a cute story indeed. Thanks for such a delicious little trifle!

Author's Response: Hi, Jong_Kahn, Thank you for the review I'm happy the story pleased. S

GoldenGem2011.02.21 - 10:45AM1: OneSigned
Oh wow! I've just sat and read all your stories and I am entranced. You have converted me to one-shot stories and I have added you to my favourite authors. I look forward to hearing more of the Snape family, especially Isabel, thank you for writing and sharing them with us.

Author's Response: Hi again Golden Gem, I'm always happy to have a convert to the cause :) It put a smile on my face to know you enjoyed my stories, and a big thank you for adding me to your favourites. As for more from family Snape, my plot bunnies are always whispering into my ear. If you want to be added to my update list, for when I post a new one just drop me an e mail and thank you for reading and reviewing.Shuldham

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