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Reviews for I'm Not Okay (Trust Me)

Ljpjcg2014.02.03 - 08:03PM1: I'm Not Okay (Trust Me)Signed
Is it wrong for me to think this funny?

loreen772011.07.29 - 10:20PM1: I'm Not Okay (Trust Me)Signed
Interesting blend of MCR lyrics and ss.

Author's Response: Thank you!

adelgado2011.03.17 - 11:50PM1: I'm Not Okay (Trust Me)Signed
hmmm. well I could see him not being happy about her interference. glad she got to apologize.

severus492011.02.17 - 09:55AM1: I'm Not Okay (Trust Me)Signed
The O-fucking-kay answer was very OOC for a 38-year old wizard, but all in all, I liked it. I liked it because the biggest arguement I have ever had about why Snape and Hermione would have never worked is because she sees the world with immature eyes and he could never see her as an equal (and you have to be on the same level ground to form any sort of romantic connection.) He would have slit his throat rather than taking the Dr. Who or Sherlock Holmes course of teaching her like she was three years old every day of her life. He hated teaching to begin with, and here in this story, at the very end of his life, he still has to teach her. She's deluded because she still just can't get it through her thick head that she doesn't know what's best for everyone.

AlansPickles2011.02.13 - 03:41PM1: I'm Not Okay (Trust Me)Signed
i really think i read this all wrong, cause i thought it was a bit funny. im a big fan of MCR (seen um live wuhay) so as i read this i had a sev/gerard image like the music vid. sev in shorts and school uniform screaming at a camera... still gave you 10 out of 10 :) but yeah sorry i couldnt see past the humour

Author's Response: Actually, I will admit to it being partially a parody, so thank you for catching that lol. It wasn't completely conscious but I saw it there once I finished writing it.

Tangerine Dream2011.02.13 - 11:20AM1: I'm Not Okay (Trust Me)Signed
Powerful but sad. Poor Severus & Hermione.

WnL6242011.02.13 - 02:20AM1: I'm Not Okay (Trust Me)Signed
Poor Hermione and Severus... well, if he thought dying would be the end, who is Hermione to begrudge him that... though it`s not really. Thank you.

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