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Reviews for Hidden Attractions

loreen772011.04.22 - 10:15PM1: A one-shotSigned
Yum yum yum, I love me some ss and cw. More pretty please!

Half Blood Outcast2011.02.08 - 06:47PM1: A one-shotSigned
hot diggity damn! absolutely delicious! :) i wouldn't mind a few more chapters! lol

Author's Response: There is definately potential here for more, but.... I think there are lots of projects on the table for both of us. We'll see! Thanks for reviewing!

adelgado2011.02.07 - 06:58PM1: A one-shotSigned
hmm charlie. this a different take. This was a lot of fun to read. thank you for writing

Author's Response: Thank you!

Maria2011.02.07 - 03:49PM1: A one-shotSigned
This is awesome! This was an unexpected trio, so kudos for that as well as the hotness :)

Author's Response: Thank you, it was one I wouldn't have thought of on my own so thanks to Lin for the idea, definately hawt!

Jong_Kahn2011.02.05 - 12:08AM1: A one-shotSigned
Like Lapsang Souchong: not my usual cup of tea, but an interesting choice for once in awhile.

Author's Response: LOL -- not my usual cup of tea, either, but it was fun to write. Thanks for reviewing! ~lin

Tangerine Dream2011.02.04 - 05:22PM1: A one-shotSigned
Wow!! Very hot & erotic!! I think I need a cold shower!!

Author's Response: Thank you! Glad it worked for you! ~lin

Rae79108192011.02.04 - 12:37PM1: A one-shotSigned
I found it somewhat funny as well, mostly for how it all seemed to work out. I think I'd like to see an actual story done with the three of them working out somewhat of a relationship. I've not seen one elsewhere...

Author's Response: That would be interesting to see ... Maybe one or both of us will find time in the schedule to come up with a story like that. Regardless, glad you enjoyed it! :) ~lin

Pixie Dust2011.02.04 - 12:10PM1: A one-shotSigned
Whew! I never thought of Charlie in that way! Great job!

Author's Response: Really? Dragon taming seems like a profession that just screams "SEXY!" to me. Glad you enjoyed it! ~lin

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