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Reviews for Sweet Surrender

storyfinder2014.04.15 - 10:18AM9: ContemplationsSigned
Oh please continue this story! Loving it! please proceed!! x

verasuspense2012.06.29 - 01:00AM9: ContemplationsSigned
I really wish I could believe that this story hasn't been abandoned.

bralon2012.01.14 - 12:30PM9: ContemplationsSigned
Pretty PLease!!! *puppy dog's eyes* Update :D don't abandon this story!! it's really good!

bralon2011.11.28 - 12:26PM9: ContemplationsSigned
don't forget us again, please! i need to know more! UPDATE, UPDATE, UPDATE!!! :D

bralon2011.10.27 - 09:18AM9: ContemplationsSigned
Once again, great chapter. I can't believe he actually aswered her question! Let us have chapter 10 to know what happens next ,huh? pretty please *-*

loreen772011.10.14 - 11:57PM3: Understandings of KnowledgeSigned
very interesting plot idea - snape as a bodyguard. I am interested to see where you take this idea.

loreen772011.10.14 - 06:52PM1: The ReturnSigned
nice start. onto chapter 2.........

Loyd19572011.09.24 - 01:48PM9: ContemplationsSigned
I like how this story is developing and slowly delving into what makes these characters who they are. Hermione is very strong, but definitely young and a little naive. I like that. She is supposed to be growing. Snape, as usual, is sharp, cynical, abrupt and hurting.

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