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Reviews for Convenient Accidents

beaweasley22011.01.29 - 06:51PM1: Convenient AccidentsSigned
Oh good Crookshanks! Good kitty.

Tangerine Dream2011.01.22 - 10:37AM1: Convenient AccidentsSigned
Wonderful as always!! Cheeky kneazle!!

QuinnMom2011.01.20 - 06:59PM1: Convenient AccidentsSigned
Ignore comments about "microscopic stories" - your drabbles leave the best bits to the imagination of the reader. Thanks!

AlansPickles2011.01.20 - 06:57PM1: Convenient AccidentsSigned
oops totally spelt insight wrong. oh well, least it will bump up your stars with an extra review

AlansPickles2011.01.20 - 06:06PM1: Convenient AccidentsSigned
i thought id actually review the writing quality rather than the length, since it was obviously going to be short as a Drabble, duh! i like this, its always good to get incite as a cat. reading all your drabbles sparks inspiration. they could be included in any story and i like that it makes me fill in the gaps of whats gone on. :)

SS Felton2011.01.20 - 05:06PM1: Convenient AccidentsSigned
This was lovely. lol. Love Crooks and his amusements

ekr2011.01.20 - 04:52PM1: Convenient AccidentsSigned

lolly_pop18432011.01.20 - 02:43PM1: Convenient AccidentsSigned
please stop the microscopic stories i mean it takes me longer to yawn that to actually read them a waste of space keep the random thoughts on your blog or in your mind i enjoy reading stories not sentences

Author's Response: Then why are you reading fics clearly labelled 'ficlets/drabbles'?

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