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Reviews for Death for Afternoon Tea

EclecticBonVivant2017.01.05 - 11:22PM1: Death for Afternoon TeaSigned
This is outstanding in it's humour and originality. Your writing is captivating.

Sarablade2016.07.04 - 01:43AM1: Death for Afternoon TeaSigned
How did I miss it all this time? It was whimsical, funny, tender, and everything else it needed to be to entertain and cheer without too much schmalz. Thanks (even if belated)

temeraire2012.07.14 - 05:06AM1: Death for Afternoon TeaSigned
Sweet! Got Lord P. W. before you told me so, but how very well done! This will get into my "favorites" box.

Alexa19932011.09.01 - 09:04PM1: Death for Afternoon TeaSigned

ladyjulian2011.02.22 - 02:27AM1: Death for Afternoon TeaSigned
Oh well done!

Jong_Kahn2011.01.03 - 03:36PM1: Death for Afternoon TeaSigned
Happy New Year! Read this the day after Christmas, but didn't have time to review then. Enjoyed this story very much. As to your A/N at end: "Lord Peter Wimsey in his vacuous moods...(as)... the most ineffectual, nonsensical, useless sort of person you can imagine" was often collecting useful information by deliberately letting others underestimate him. (Obviously, the 'as' was my own addition to your quote, as I continued it.) So too, Death must find it easier to help those not really ready to come with him by presenting himself in a much less prepossessing form. Very well done. Thank you for yet another fine story!

MSueBell2010.12.31 - 10:55AM1: Death for Afternoon TeaSigned
I really liked this! :)

luna_lovegood2010.12.30 - 05:38PM1: Death for Afternoon TeaSigned
That was awesome :) I would love to see a sequel of this when Severus meets him again

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