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Reviews for Ten Lifetimes

crazedpotterfanatic2013.04.14 - 04:33PM1: Ten LifetimesSigned
I really liked it...it is a beautifully written memoir....and a pleasure to read.a great snamione fanfic I have read in a long time....hope you keep writing more.

Jong_Kahn2011.12.08 - 11:52PM1: Ten LifetimesSigned
Enjoyed this very much (pretty much like anything you write). Thanks for writing it.

loreen772011.05.13 - 08:25PM1: Ten LifetimesSigned
wonderfully unique. i like the idea of them this way, it feels very honest and real. Their flaws are still there, yet they found a way to co-exist and thrive in their own way together. well done.

Isadorabelle2011.04.28 - 05:34AM1: Ten LifetimesSigned
I enjoyed reading this. He's what I'd imagine when he gets a little older and is happily...just there with somebody. In a way, he reminds me of Frank Barone, a character on a sitcom in the States. Though, decidedly more attractive! Nice job!

hexgirl2010.12.20 - 02:50PM1: Ten LifetimesSigned
Oh! well done. I enjoyed this very much. I can really imagine the two of them together, putting up with each others oddities and eccentricities, (which of course are many). The line, "Give the man a roast, a sinfully rich pudding and a good shag, and he'll agree to almost anything," really made me smile. Aren't they all like that? LOL! And I love that they have a 'chippy tea' once a week - me too! I would be miserable without it. This had such a glowing, warm nostalgic feel to it, yet it doesn't feel sad because it isn't over. It was a fond look back coupled with an expectation of still more of their future together. Funnily enough, I always imagine them together in the future but without the formalities of marriage. I don't why, but I don't see them married. I'd love to read this version of their retrospective life together from Snape's POV too, *drops hopeful hint*. Anyway - loved it!

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