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Reviews for Overcoming Parentage

kudlatek2017.09.13 - 11:32AM9: Epilogue, or I'm Draco Bloody MalfoySigned
Great fic! One of the parts I enjoyed most was actually the epilogue in its entirety :D (As you guessed - I'm not a big fan of the Weasleys; apart from the twins) Thank you for the lovely reading piece!

hgelman2016.10.07 - 11:54PM9: Epilogue, or I'm Draco Bloody MalfoySigned
This is the first story that came up when I clicked on random story. Boy, oh boy am I happy I did that! This was a delightful tale and I am glad I found it! The end was especially satisfying. Thank you!

FreeRaven2016.09.22 - 01:48AM8: Easy, Miss. I've Got You.Signed
ahhhhh perfect!!

Awapuhi2016.09.16 - 06:55AM3: Iíll Have the UsualSigned
Hermione is the annoying one here, she sets my teeth on edge, haha)) Can't imagine how this thing with Snape will play out))

orm irian2016.03.24 - 03:40PM4: What Did You Do?Signed
I really like Snape as a funny drunk. I guess it's a nice change from manic-depressive Snape, angry-antisocial Snape and all the other negative ones.

duj2015.01.28 - 07:52PM4: What Did You Do?Signed
PS "the kings and queens of England have been shining examples to all of mankind of nobility and civility..." What's she been smoking? The current lot's pretty good, but to argue that throughout history British royalty have been exemplary? Only if you define nobility and civility according to their original meanings of birth and blood...

duj2015.01.28 - 07:45PM4: What Did You Do?Signed
If Draco, after living as a Muggle for a year (and working as a Muggle for part thereof) couldn't pass her test, she's either deliberately made it unpassable or she's fudged his mark. Either way, it's not very ethical.

Perry Downing2014.09.09 - 10:28AM9: Epilogue, or I'm Draco Bloody MalfoySigned
Draco Bloody Malfoy, bitches! Adored this story.

Author's Response: ahahaha, thanks :)

Author's Response: ahahaha, thanks :)

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