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Reviews for A Balance of Three

severa422016.09.29 - 05:53PM12: Chapter TwelveSigned
Really enjoyed reading this story! :)

Author's Response: Thanks very much

Calico2013.12.09 - 09:45AM12: Chapter TwelveSigned
Fun story. Thanks!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and commenting. :)

wannabedesigner2013.03.19 - 05:21AM12: Chapter TwelveSigned
Beautiful story!

Author's Response: Thanks.

KarySky2012.08.03 - 10:33AM1: Chapter OneSigned
Nice beginning. I can't wait to read more. Although, I find Hermione to be slightly off canon... usually she's so proud of her accomplishements, and is always thriving to do the right thing. I would have thought that she would have been really eager to be one of the triad... up to the point when she knows she'll have to do it with 2 slytherins, but still... Hermione never seemed much house-prejudiced in canon either, so yeah, I hope she grows up ans matures in the following chapters. Because right now, she sounds a bit tennage-like, and even... Ron-like! She has never backed down from a challenge, so why now, when the sake of the whole wizarding world is at risk? I think she could have felt lightheaded, nauseous and scared at best, but not that vehement about not doing it, even before she knew about the slytherin counterparts. Still, interesting start (even with my criticism, which I intended to be positive) and I shall read more... right about now!

Author's Response: Sorry I missed this review earlier. In some ways Hermione is OOC, but then it's several years after canon and sometimes people do change. As far as her aversion to to Slytherins, it's not so much a school based rivalry thing as that she has experienced a terrible tragedy in her life and she relates it mainly to pure blood, Slytherin types. She'll get over it but right now she'd still feeling that way. :) Thanks for reading and commenting.

Louou12012.07.28 - 11:05PM7: Chapter SevenSigned
I nearly started crying reading what he said about Ron as if they were being direct at me. Some great writing skills there! Great story, love it.

Author's Response: Awww... thanks so much! I consider that a high compliment indeed. (I'll admit, that it brought a tear to my eye while writing it.)

ickle_cat2012.04.28 - 09:29PM12: Chapter TwelveSigned
LOVED this story. even if the last tiny bit was cheesy as hell :p i really have a special place in my heart for lucius and i love it when he's neither OOC or mean. it's a hard thing to do. also, this three-way is the best combo :)

Author's Response: Thanks, as far as threesomes go, this one is my OT3. :)

gnrkrystle2012.02.28 - 05:50PM8: Chapter EightSigned
Yes, I can't imagine why Severus wouldn't want to talk to you, hermione. It's not like you haven't treated him like a raving bitch or anything.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading.

gnrkrystle2012.02.28 - 05:21PM7: Chapter SevenSigned
Immaturity strikes again. Look, Snape was out of line for being an ass, but how could he possibly know. And she was in HIS house, in HIS tub, and has the audacity to yell at HIM for using his own bloody bathroom. And now she's run off like a child. I'm not sure she is a very strong witch. She's clearly not very logical.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading.

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