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Reviews for Parchment and Silver

Greengem2018.10.09 - 08:38PM1: Parchment and SilverSigned
Short and sweet, just the way I like them. I do so enjoy reading your works.

Jensteed2017.10.16 - 07:31PM1: Parchment and SilverSigned
Very sweet piece and left with just the right touch of anticipation

EclecticBonVivant2016.12.20 - 06:08PM1: Parchment and SilverSigned
I love how this story hints at so much more! Would make a lovely first chapter...just saying! (O, it is also beautiful as a stand alone). :-)

Pixie Dust2016.09.20 - 07:14PM1: Parchment and SilverSigned
I love this! I wish there was more to it, but it is perfect as it is.

Lovely032012.01.04 - 12:56PM1: Parchment and SilverSigned
I agree with loreen77. I hate it when people buy the same gifts over and over. It appears the person is not worth paying attention to. Great one-shot, and I usually don't like them!!

loreen772011.04.18 - 04:18PM1: Parchment and SilverSigned
What a lovely little story. It is always difficult when people latch onto one idea like books for gifts. It is an unfortunate rut and shows a lack of imagination.

WnL6242010.12.16 - 09:27AM1: Parchment and SilverSigned
What a fabulously sweet and poignant story! I hope that in time, Hermione will learn who her mysterious gifter is, and that they will forge a happy life together. Thank you/

Anodyne2010.12.15 - 03:51AM1: Parchment and SilverSigned
If you've got more to this story I'll gladly read it. Stands well alone. Great job

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