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Reviews for Dented and Tarnished

Orangeblossom172015.03.06 - 07:46PM4: Part the FourthSigned
I enjoyed this a great deal. Perhaps you did wrap it up a bit too quickly; there were bits I needed to reread due to not quite comprehending. But it was lovely all the same. Thank you.

jothar2013.03.03 - 11:54PM1: Part the FirstSigned
Yes, I've always felt that "What about my soul, Dumbledore?" is a one of the, perhaps THE, important question to understanding these people, this world.

Alexa19932011.09.02 - 09:06PM4: Part the FourthSigned

jothar2011.05.02 - 06:17PM4: Part the FourthSigned
Very strange...and very beautiful. Thanks you for every minute of it.

BradyB662010.12.29 - 03:10PM4: Part the FourthSigned
I can't say this isn't a well-written story, because it really is, and the communication between their souls is beautiful. I think I just can't shake the "Pet Sematary" vibe enough to enjoy the ending as much as I'd like.

SeverusSmile2010.12.13 - 03:52AM4: Part the FourthSigned
Amazing! You are a very talented writer, keep it up! I'm always excited to see a piece you have written. :-)

Rosmerta2010.12.13 - 01:13AM4: Part the FourthSigned
I really liked this! Very original, and I loved the Malfoys - especially Narcissa - as allies with brains and wisdom to share.

baby_blue2010.12.12 - 12:14AM4: Part the FourthSigned
Great story, I loved the way you made the Malfoys into something other than the usual cruel. heartless people and especially the way you dealt with Narcissa. Would love to see a sequel to this one.

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