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Reviews for A Well-Made Match

Masters Angel2015.08.30 - 05:17PM3: 3Signed
Oh, this is gonna be GOOD!!!

GoldenGem2014.10.06 - 04:25PM3: 3Signed
A very enjoyable story I look forward to reading more of it. :)

Orangeblossom172014.07.24 - 02:19PM3: 3Signed
Very promising. And it's nice that Ron is being decent. I'm curious to see how H will end up filling out the form.

CheekyTart2014.07.13 - 11:40AM3: 3Signed
Love this story! Snape's answers...truth in jest. I know I've read this before Did you make new edits and repost?

kimschu2014.06.30 - 01:28AM3: 3Signed
Yes! Finally more to the story. I was so excited to see this posted. I am on edge waiting to see more from this.

Author's Response: I have a lot more on Petulant Poetess. I'll add here to catch up. :)

HermioneSnape1983Fan2013.11.26 - 03:48PM1: 1Signed
I THOUGHT THIS STORY A Well-Made Match ETC is a Hermione and SEVERUS story!!! NOT a Hermione and RON story??? if I wanted a Hermione and RON story I would have looked for a Hermione and RON story but I DON’T I want a Hermione and SEVERUS story!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-@ Hermione and RON ARE GOING TO LIVE TOGETHER buy a house together AND Hermione and RON are going to GET MARRIED??? SO PISSED OFFF http://ashwinder.sycophanthex.com/viewstory.php?sid=23982 Ashwinder A Severus Snape/Hermione Granger archive in the Harry Potter universe IS A HERMIONE/SEVERUS WEBSITE OF STORIES SO ITS NOT A HERMIONE/RON WEBSITE OF STORIES!!! You’ll see.” He kissed her on the lips lightly, smelling of strawberry, and then pulled her into an embrace. “I love you.” “I love you, too,” she said without hesitation. She did love Ron, and she did want to spend her life with him. However, she wasn’t ready to commit to marriage until some things changed. He wanted many things that she didn’t want—at least at the moment anyway. There was no need to rush, and she refused to be forced into doing so. What she wanted least of all was a very public proposal in front of her family. “Wait,” she said, stopping and placing a hand on his arm. “We need to talk first, Ron.” “You sound so serious? What’s wrong?” His mirth fled and worry flitted across his face. “I don’t know how to tell you this, but I…” “You’re pregnant!” he yelled, scooping her up and spinning her around. “I thought it might happen, but I wasn’t sure. Hermione, this is great! Bloody hell, me a dad!” “No, no, put me down! I’m not pregnant,” she said, horrified at the mistake he’d made. “I just don’t want you to propose to me!” This was blurted when his eyes flashed disappointment, and she was certain it was the wrong thing to say at that moment. “I’m sorry. That’s not how it sounds. I do want you to propose, just not now, definitely not in front of them.” She nodded towards his house. “Who said anything about me proposing?” he snapped, stepping away from her. “I just thought… You’ve been hinting, and well, Ginny heard something you said to Harry.” She sighed. “I’m sorry. I feel horrible about this.” “I’m not proposing,” he said, sticking his hands into the pockets of his jeans. “Come on. Food’s getting cold.” He turned around and stalked back towards the house, nearly tripping on one of the many pairs of boots lined up near the door. Feeling like a jackass, she followed him inside and warmly greeted the Weasleys. Molly enveloped her in a hug as though she’d not seen her in weeks, Arthur pulled out a chair for her at the table and rattled on about work as though she didn’t work in the same building, Fleur spooned small servings of soft foods into Victoire’s waiting mouth, and Ron sat down next to her, trying his best not to look upset. But she knew him well enough to know that he wasn’t happy. Reaching over, she clasped his hand and squeezed it before leaning closer to whisper, “I didn’t mean it to sound that way. I’m really sorry, Ron.” He grinned. “It’s okay.” Squeezing her hand in return, he added, “But I do want to talk about that later, all right? There’s something you’re not saying.” “We’ll talk after dinner.” “Come on, you lot. Tuck in,” Molly said as she sat next to her husband. “George’s got a date tonight… with Angelina.” She beamed happily. “And Bill told us to start without him, has a big job he’s working on for Gringotts.” Pride was evident in her voice as she spoke about her eldest son. Hermione hoped that when she and Ron had children, she would be a mixture of Mrs. Weasley and her own mum. Mixing the two women’s personalities would make the perfect mother—some of Molly’s passion to be completely involved in her children’s lives and some of her mother’s ability to juggle family duties and a career. “Perfect,” she said softly. “What did you say, dear?” Molly asked. “It all looks perfect,” she lied, reaching over Ron’s hands for the plate of dinner rolls. After dinner was nearly done, Arthur said, “Time for pudding, I think.” He flicked his wand to Summon a plate of sweets to the table. Ron stood up and said, “I’ve got something to say.” Immediately, Molly’s eyes began to tear up, and she brought a trembling hand to her lips. “It sounds so important.” Her eyes flitted from her youngest son to Hermione. “Is it what I think?” Hermione lowered her head, cheeks burning. His mother either thought that Ron was proposing or that she was pregnant. She silently wished that Ron would get on with it. “I’ve put some money down on my own place.” Her head snapped up, and a genuine smile graced her lips. “Really? When?” Molly frowned. “But you can stay here as long as you’d like. We’ve got the room.” “There’s a time when a man has to start doing for himself, Mum… take care of what’s his.” His eyes found Hermione’s. “I can’t wait to show you.” “Shall we go now?” she asked excitedly, forgetting about her exhausting and disappointing day, forgetting about the little things in her relationship that gave her pause. His own house! One day it would be theirs—when they were ready. “And miss pudding?” He snorted. “Just kidding. I’m actually a bit full.” It was Hermione’s turn to snort. “Impossible.” She smiled reassuringly at Mrs. Weasley. “Don’t worry, Molly. I’m sure he’ll be round all the time raiding your fridge and cupboards.” “I expect so,” she said softly. “Mollywobbles,” Arthur said gently, taking her hand in his. “We can’t keep them all here.” “Oh, I know,” she replied with a sigh. Then she smiled. “I’m happy for you, Ronald. I just wish you’d talked to us first, got some advice.” “Advice for what?” Ron asked. “I think I did a pretty good job of it. Harry helped.” He looked down at Hermione again before he added, “So did Ginny.” This was a surprise to Hermione. Ginny had never mentioned it once, and it became clear that Ginny had been hinting things to her—like about the possible proposal or relationship chatter in general. Maybe his sister had been trying to see if this might be something Hermione wanted. Privacy. Nights away from her small flat at a home not packed with several family members. She wasn’t sure why Molly looked so glum. All of her children were always over for meals and visits. Surely Ron would do the same. “She ees just trying to keep ‘er leettle Ron at ‘ome,” Fleur said with a smile. “Just like weeth Bill.” Molly huffed a little and then said, “Go on, you two. Go see your future home.” She stood and quickly went about packing up treats for Ron. “Take these with you.” “Thanks, Mum,” Ron said. He took the container from his mother and extended a hand towards Hermione. “Ready?” “Yes,” she replied, letting him lead her out the door as she said her good-byes to the others. Without a word, they walked out to the Apparition site just on the other side of the broom shed in their yard. He pulled her close and Side-Along Apparated with her to Grimmauld Place. She blinked in confusion and looked around. “Are we coming to ask Harry and Ginny to join us?”

Author's Response: Really? lol... It's not fully posted. Duh.

flashytalk2013.08.20 - 06:43PM2: 2Signed
Great so far! I am really excited to see where you take this!

Lijau2013.08.17 - 12:36AM2: 2Signed
Hell yeah, I am so pumped about this story! This is EXACTLY why I've always thought Ron and Hermione are a pathetic canon couple! These two chapters are written really well; I think you managed to walk the fine line between Ron bashing and the way he actually is in canon (or could be post-canon). The pacing is awesome and I'm totally into this--and Snape hasn't even arrived yet! ;)

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