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Reviews for Kiss This

verasuspense2013.04.16 - 11:12PM1: One-ShotSigned
Surely this is completed. What more needs to be said ?

snapemylove2012.01.20 - 12:39AM1: One-ShotSigned
I never would have thought of this song as the basis of a Snape/Hermione fanfic but I absolutely love it!!!! Great job!

adelgado2010.11.17 - 04:12PM1: One-ShotSigned
YAYAYAYA!! most stories gloss over the bbrake up I so glad she 'gave him what for' THanks I really enjoyed this

Phoenix Stang2010.11.17 - 04:03AM1: One-ShotSigned
love this song it makes this story oh so perfect!!!!! I think this is the best song fic ive read yet!

Jong_Kahn2010.11.17 - 12:04AM1: One-ShotSigned
I generally don't like songfics. But this one is the exception to the rule. You fit it in just where appropriate, and it wasn't sappy. I loved the kick-ass nature of the whole piece. Well done. A "10" for you!

Fizzabella2010.11.16 - 01:16PM1: One-ShotSigned
Very well done:) I love your descriptions of Severus, and being no fan of the red-headed boy wonder, I think your characterization of him was actually quite generous! Wonderful story:) I give it a TEN!! Fizzabella

WnL6242010.11.16 - 09:36AM1: One-ShotSigned
Funny. You go, girl! Nice song fic, thank you.

PDamian2010.11.16 - 08:31AM1: One-ShotSigned
I've never heard the song associated with this, but now I want it for my iPod! The story is terrific, too; all women need to know what to do with a cheating soon-to-be ex. Love the knee to the bollocks. Thanks for writing!

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