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Reviews for The Left Hand of Fate

loreen772017.10.15 - 09:52AM6: Fate, TriumphantSigned
Just as good the second time reading it. I love the final line. Perfect. Lol.

christev2016.09.19 - 08:38AM6: Fate, TriumphantSigned
Starting out my Monday morning commute with tears in my eyes because of this story! I loved this story when it was published on the Exchange, still love it now. <3 <3

Alexa19932012.05.12 - 09:58PM6: Fate, TriumphantSigned

Pixie Dust2012.01.10 - 07:54PM6: Fate, TriumphantSigned
Loved it :)

vze57t9j2011.04.28 - 03:36AM6: Fate, TriumphantSigned
Great story! :D

Amethystheart2010.12.30 - 07:56PM6: Fate, TriumphantSigned
Fabulous! Simply fabulous! I loved this story, it was so sweet and loving. So many authors change it so Hermione hates Ron, but the way you wrote it was wonderful!

starlight1772010.11.21 - 04:55AM6: Fate, TriumphantSigned
I'm always thrilled when I come across a well-written fanfic with a fresh perspective. Excellent Job! I really enjoyed this :)

Jong_Kahn2010.11.15 - 12:54PM6: Fate, TriumphantSigned
This was terrific! I don't know how I missed this last chapter, but I've found it now. What a great little story! Another "10" for you, my hearty one!

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