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Reviews for Hope In The Prison Of Despair

Jong_Kahn2017.04.15 - 01:49PM2: HopeSigned
And so you've painted the picture of hope, as well. Very nice, even if an allusion of 'a kumquat of hope' is rather unusual. Thanks for your work!

loreen772011.06.18 - 10:51PM2: HopeSigned
Hope was inspirational. Good job.

chrissyseebs2006.06.17 - 07:09AM2: HopeSigned

Daintress2006.05.23 - 08:55AM2: HopeSigned
This is a cute story, but it doesn't seem finished, really. You've given us some teasing hints of his childhood, and a glimpse at the future, but there could be more. Nicely written, though.

Insperashen2005.09.04 - 10:03AM2: HopeSigned
Ooh delicious. Would love to see what happens after this, but then, it is already perfect, so why mess with it? Thanks for sharing this!

anon2004.08.25 - 03:51PM2: HopeAnonymous
Just followed the link from your new story to your profile and I have been reading your older stories. This one was magical, wonderful, and I like the way you were able to weave the imagery of heat into the second chapter.

Megan McKinney2004.02.17 - 04:10PM2: HopeAnonymous
That was beautiful. Honestly and truly beautiful.

Bambu2004.02.16 - 01:42AM2: HopeSigned
What a very powerful paradigm shift in these two chapters. Utterly superb.

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