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Reviews for Out of the Depths

thornbirch2017.11.23 - 12:40PM34: Thirty-FourSigned
This really was a great story. I admit I loved the smut, but it also felt well-incorporated into the plot, and their relationship seemed believable. Really a fun ride. Thank you.

AlwaysSS2017.11.17 - 09:55AM34: Thirty-FourSigned
Iíve read through this story over the last several weeks. Itís well written and the ending was touching. I found it sad that Severus would need to leave Hogwarts but was also happy that he felt like he could have a different life. I found them out of character in several instances but itís hard to say what would be ďin characterĒ when they are put into situations never envisioned by JKR. Overall though, well done. :)

ilovecake902017.11.09 - 12:20AM34: Thirty-FourSigned
Omg that was fantastic!!!!

moozer2017.10.20 - 02:20AM1: OneSigned
Second time that I have read this. So realistic. So lovely. You captured their emotions perfectly. I was enraptured throughout the entire story. Seeing the love grow from the lust (while still keeping it!) was beautiful. I have read hundreds of SS/HG stories and this is in the top 3. Thank you.

kudlatek2017.08.21 - 01:47AM34: Thirty-FourSigned
Merlin! Fantastic story. The only thing that bothered me was Hermione not being able to focus, and screwing up the potion :P. I must say, that you did an amazing job writing it. Thank you for the great reading!

emcnary2017.01.02 - 08:09PM34: Thirty-FourSigned
Oh good gracious, I loved this story!!! I will be reading it again soon:)

emcnary2017.01.02 - 07:25AM28: Twenty-EightSigned
Good Lord, I love this story!!! This is definitely how DH should have ended. I am so sad to be close to the end, but have enjoyed reading this so much. So steamy, yet full of emotion as well.

lveligor2015.03.28 - 07:29PM34: Thirty-FourSigned
This is one of my favorite stories. It's well written, but more importantly, I think you really invoked the true nature of the characters. Love it! Thank you for all the hard work and for sharing.

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