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Reviews for Blood, Sex, Love, Magic

Roma 2018.10.11 - 01:21AM14: Every Tomorrow A Vision Of HopeSigned
Very unique way of spinning the story. I liked it very much!

zaubernuss2017.11.21 - 06:20PM11: Are You Beautiful Because I Love You?Signed
‘This is your first time, isn’t it?' ‘Of course it is. If you wanted experience, you should have fallen in love with Lavender Brown.’ The best line ever! I laughed my head off! Go Hermione! Just great! :D

goffydrez2014.08.29 - 05:35AM10: Believe That We Alone Can LoveSigned
Hahahahaha i liked the line: If they ran out of things to talk about, he could just kiss her to fill the time. Good story, totally had me reeling at first but now it all works in my head again hahahahhaa :)

Farsideomoon2014.07.05 - 02:02PM14: Every Tomorrow A Vision Of HopeSigned
I liked it a very different Snape. I liked the supernatural twist.

Farsideomoon2014.07.05 - 11:33AM9: If I Love You, What Business Is It Of Yours?Signed
I'm so enjoying this story and what seems like silent banter between them. Your use of descriptions of their smirks and smiles is the perfect tease, very clever and feels natural for each of the characters, which is important in making it all believable and suspenseful. Thanks for writing.

loreen772013.07.11 - 06:55AM14: Every Tomorrow A Vision Of HopeSigned
Great story, i always prefer stigori style over typical vamp stories. I enjoyed this a lot.

loreen772013.07.10 - 10:02AM1: Nature Or Nurture?Signed
Fun start, i loved the snape anogram to get aspen, very clever!

MollysSister2013.03.13 - 10:41PM14: Every Tomorrow A Vision Of HopeSigned
This is one of my very favorite stories from the 2010 exchange. I am glad you posted it here -- makes it easier to get at. Thank you so much

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