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Reviews for Of All The Sounds

TreeGoddess2016.02.25 - 05:20PM12: Chapter TwelveSigned
OMG!!! Remus, you asshole! <- THAT is something I *never* thought I would write, so we'll done, you! I literally scoffed out loud when I read that last line. Shit!

windlicht2015.11.18 - 02:07AM18: EpilogueSigned
I liked it.

windlicht2015.11.18 - 02:07AM18: EpilogueSigned
I liked it.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm sorry you weren't too sure earlier, but I'm really glad you like it.

windlicht2015.11.17 - 05:04PM5: Chapter FiveSigned
I really don't like Hermione right now. They are her friends and she is stringing them both along. She is right about someone getting hurt in the end but it will obviously be one of them. Some friend she is...

KarySky2014.08.05 - 03:32PM18: EpilogueSigned
Nice story, I enjoyed it, even if I hated Remus, and I usually love him ;) just a little detail though... in this last chapter, you say that Hermione and Snape enjoy an expensive red wine... well... Hermione wouldn't, as she's pregnant ;)

Author's Response: I love Remus as well! I'm sorry you hated him. Well spotted with the red wine, I'll edit that right now! Glad you enjoyed it.

moor2013.12.21 - 06:49PM18: EpilogueSigned
Well written, and it was nice to read about Hermione having a bit of anxiety about the therapy (post-attack), and that therapy at all was included. So often it is either glossed over or the characters are assumed to be perfectly fine after something so traumatic, and it is good to see a more realistic portrayal. :) Thanks for sharing!

Jadecadence2013.10.09 - 01:25PM18: EpilogueSigned
Satisfying! =) thanks for giving us enough of an epilogue.

Louou12012.07.27 - 12:22AM18: EpilogueSigned
I almost cried with rapture when reading the last lines of this beautiful story. I really, really loved reading this. Many ups and downs, twists and turns for the both of them in this story, but had a beautiful happy ending. Very well written, and very unpredictable at times. Sometimes I think I sat reading this at my laptop with a ridiculous 'O' expression on my mouth. That's a good thing, by the way! Not many stories do that with me. 100000/10. Great story. :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I had so much fun writing it. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

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