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Reviews for The Left Hand of Fate

verasuspense2013.05.09 - 10:27PM2: One: An Unwelcome GuestSigned
Did Ron sing "I'm Henry the 8th, I am" ? Hey, it worked in Ghost.

Jong_Kahn2012.11.08 - 01:13AM2: One: An Unwelcome GuestSigned
Sleep deprivation is certainly one way to get someone to break down enough to give in!

Stella Hope Stargazer2010.09.23 - 08:37AM2: One: An Unwelcome GuestSigned
What a charming beginning! Love the fact that Severus has become a librarian - because that's my thing too. Will be looking for more to come.

verasuspense2010.09.22 - 08:37PM2: One: An Unwelcome GuestSigned
Did Severus name himself Stephen Lang after the American actor ?

Leraiv Snape2010.09.09 - 08:40PM2: One: An Unwelcome GuestSigned
Interesting beginning. Definitely a unique approach to anything I've ever seen. Looking forward to seeing the development.

Sampdoria2010.09.09 - 04:47AM2: One: An Unwelcome GuestSigned
I could be no otter than you who made me like Ron and his whining:-)) Brilliant update, I am so looking forward to get Hermiones story.

AmyLouise2010.09.08 - 10:15PM2: One: An Unwelcome GuestSigned
You're off to a great start with this story - the idea of the three British Fates is highly original, and so far everyone's right in character (I do prefer silly Ron to bad Ron). Looking forward to more ...

MsTree2010.09.08 - 10:05PM2: One: An Unwelcome GuestSigned
Reciting the "Tales" as if they were gospel? Lol! I love the fact it took six days for Severus to fold. And on the seventh day, he went visiting. ^_^

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