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Reviews for The Left Hand of Fate

loreen772017.10.15 - 09:26AM1: Prologue: Fate, InterruptedSigned
Why did autocorrect on my phone change Ron to rob??? Gotta love technology.

loreen772017.10.15 - 09:25AM1: Prologue: Fate, InterruptedSigned
Yup rob never seems to look where he is going. Kinda funny that it got him killed.

Jong_Kahn2012.11.08 - 12:27AM1: Prologue: Fate, InterruptedSigned
Thanks to 'Random' for rereading this delightful tale again! Line I liked this time: “Lavender Brown... no, can't have a female because of the children." Don't mind a girl/girl relationship; but Lavender is NOT the right person for Hermione, any more than Ron is! That the Fates already had a "has children" thread in the mix gave it the nix.

Ljpjcg2012.10.15 - 10:36PM1: Prologue: Fate, InterruptedSigned
This was so much fun to read! Loved Ron in this--what an unlikely angel on the shoulder, especially for Snape. Literally brought tears to my eyes in in some passages. Great great story!

Cenicienta2010.11.07 - 03:23PM1: Prologue: Fate, InterruptedSigned
Just perfect story to lift the spirit and reminds us that fate can be unpredictable!

ALANRICKMANFAN212010.09.23 - 04:29PM1: Prologue: Fate, InterruptedSigned
Ron stepped on to nothing? did he die is that what fates about talking about here or are they talking about snape??

greenwood2010.09.08 - 07:13PM1: Prologue: Fate, InterruptedSigned
What a wonderful beginning to this story! I love the blend of mythology and our dear Harry Potter stories! I can't wait to read more.

WnL6242010.09.08 - 10:00AM1: Prologue: Fate, InterruptedSigned
A fun story, and one in which Ron shines, thank you.

Author's Response: I'm very glad you're liking it. I have to admit that I like Ron, despite thinking he's not good for Hermione. I hope you enjoy the rest! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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