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Reviews for Crowned

Tangerine Dream2010.09.05 - 05:20PM1: CrownedSigned
I prefer the full version, but wish it was slightly longer. Although I do enjoy these ficlets.

buffyslayer2010.09.05 - 12:24AM1: CrownedSigned
Yes! Cheers!

lolly_pop18432010.09.04 - 11:30PM1: CrownedSigned
pointless waste of webspace if your going to write a short fic at least make it last more than 10 seconds of reading it took longer to load the page than to read it sorry to be harsh but got all excited when a longer version attached only to be a couple words longer! im sure you could be a great writer if you spend a little more time

Asyah2010.09.01 - 07:33PM1: CrownedSigned
Ahh I do enjoy your ficlets! The extended version is better as you said, I love the whole "wand in his pocket" made my day!

iris m2010.09.01 - 05:34PM1: CrownedSigned
oh how I wish this story was longer....wonderful job :)

FireBlade2010.09.01 - 03:25PM1: CrownedSigned
I liked seeing the difference between the two. I have to say I would rather the full version rather then the clipped one. I really enjoyed it :D

Jong_Kahn2010.09.01 - 12:27PM1: CrownedSigned
Yeah, the full version is much better. Clipped one is just too clipped. Sometimes "less is NOT more".

snoopy2010.09.01 - 11:43AM1: CrownedSigned
omg that was well written thank you and i loved being able to see both versions

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