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Reviews for She's the One

dragonsbanehidren2011.12.07 - 03:00AM1: She's the OneSigned
Every time I read this snippet--and I do so often--I get chills. Very striking.

Overhill2010.08.20 - 02:31AM1: She's the OneSigned
I like the idea that Severus got to chose between the two women. Good reason for him to return to the living. Lily will always be there on the other side of death, but for now....

Jong_Kahn2010.08.11 - 12:30AM1: She's the OneSigned
All the previous reviewers were right. Still, it is a short little vignette. At least he went back to Hermione! Nicely done.

verasuspense2010.08.10 - 09:51AM1: She's the OneSigned
Lily never needed him - Hermione does.

Tangerine Dream2010.08.07 - 06:12PM1: She's the OneSigned
Very powerful!

WnL6242010.08.07 - 01:21PM1: She's the OneSigned
Poignantly beautiful, thank you.

MlleGigi2010.08.07 - 12:06PM1: She's the OneSigned
Maybe it's just me...but I find this story a little depressing. Perhaps this is because I'm feeling a little depressed already right now...but it seems as if Severus turns back because he sees Hermione as a duty and doesn't want to hurt her. There's no question that he cares for Hermione -- he wouldn't have turned back if she didn't matter to him -- but I get the sense that Lily is the one whom he really loves and not Hermione.

in_dreams2010.08.07 - 09:02AM1: She's the OneSigned
I found this to be very moving. Loved it!

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