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Reviews for Wake

pokinscroat2017.12.13 - 10:20PM16: The Trajectory of the MayhemSigned
oh noo! it ends here?? it was gonna get so good, though!! my heart is breaking. this can't be it!!

Pixie Dust2017.11.30 - 01:17PM16: The Trajectory of the MayhemSigned
I hope you finish this one day. In my mind this will always be the real Hermione. I never could picture her working for the ministry. I do wonder if she repairs her relationship with Harry though.

Janeway girl2016.04.30 - 04:33PM16: The Trajectory of the MayhemSigned
Ohh, this was so promising and so original... Well, let's be grateful you stopped writing at the point you did - where you can actually do some potentially realistic guesswork about the rest of the story. The information on two rivers mixing (or rather not mixing) sent me googlling for information. That, of course, was before I read till the end of the chapter and saw the illlustrations you provided. Fascinating! and very educational - thank you!

hpfanfictionreader2015.03.23 - 09:03PM16: The Trajectory of the MayhemSigned
So good! Just one more chapter. Please! I just need to know what happens!

Maria2014.06.09 - 02:11AM16: The Trajectory of the MayhemSigned
*sigh* Another fantastic story gets abandoned.

Author's Response: THanks for the "Fantastic"! And really, not abandoned, just on a long hiatus while I work on The Novel.

sigrun2212014.01.29 - 11:32AM16: The Trajectory of the MayhemSigned
This is one of my all time favorite fanfics (regardless of the fandom)! I'm revisiting this story after reading it for the first time 2 years and a bit ago and I love reading it even more than the first time. :D I hope that you will one day have time to complete it. Good luck working on your original novel! I would love buy and read it so if possible let me know when it will come out :D I wish you all the best, Sigrun

garnet2013.11.17 - 01:30PM16: The Trajectory of the MayhemSigned
What an abolutely amazing take this story is taking! The whole plot is so different and delightful and the atmosphere so tangible! The slowly building attraction between them feels real and is very sexy. I really really hope you're going to find time to update this incredible story because it'd be a shame not to see it completed! Good luck with writing!

verasuspense2013.11.10 - 07:58PM11: Worse than Dragon FartsSigned
Is Glaphyra Fink-Nottle related to Augustus "Gussie" Fink-Nottle, the newt man ?

Author's Response: Yes! Fink-Nottle was too good not to use! 50 points to Ravenclaw!

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