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Reviews for For Unto Us… (A 'Words' Postscript)

hisnhers2013.09.12 - 10:31PM1: For Unto Us…Signed
Too sweet and... I'm all misty-eyed... This was the perfect way to present them. It is believable. It is more canon to me than canon is... if that makes any sense. Basically, they belong together and you kept them in character as far as I am concerned in this fic and the previous one ('...Words...'.) Thank you for sharing and for keeping it at a lower rating. Much appreciate the time and effort it takes to write. Look forward to many of your other 100 or so fics I see between here and ffn and TPP. Placing 'Words' and this in my fav folder on my pc. They are that good.

Lucretia1232012.04.07 - 02:43PM1: For Unto Us…Signed
Awww....loved it!

Alexa19932011.09.02 - 07:53PM1: For Unto Us…Signed

fynnsmom2010.07.12 - 08:39AM1: For Unto Us…Signed
That was lovely. I really enjoy your presentation of this story. Letters give us a lot of history. That's why I'm always reluctant to throw away personal letters and sometimes even e-mails. Great story.

aurora borealis2010.07.09 - 11:59PM1: For Unto Us…Signed
This was a perfect complement to "Words!" You know, the editor's voice in both stories is very similar to that of the editor in the Amelia Peabody stories. Was that intentional? Either way, a nice touch.

Author's Response: Thank you. The similarity to Peters wasn't in itself intentional, but probably the result of the two of us echoing (parodying) the same academic sources, since we're in the same field. V(^_^)

Snaperific2010.07.05 - 06:51PM1: For Unto Us…Signed
A delightful side piece to your other story. How I wish Snape's ghost would weigh in. That might be hilarious.

Tangerine Dream2010.07.05 - 06:48PM1: For Unto Us…Signed
What a wonderful little follow up!!

flowerbed2010.07.05 - 06:00AM1: For Unto Us…Signed
Oh, such a lovely short story. The previous one was delightful, and i centrainly enjoyed this follow up. Maybe there'll be more to come?? Lol.

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