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Reviews for belief

tialangela2011.06.06 - 01:30PM1: belief IVSigned
Ouch. So sad. And sweet. GAH! I wish she'd lived...

Jong_Kahn2010.07.14 - 08:29AM1: belief IVSigned
Your "V-Termino" section is terse yet vague: one isn't sure whether Hermione's been stunned or killed. The reader wonders whether the 'termino' applies simply to the story, or to Hermioe as well. Still, quite enjoyable--expecially if Hermione lived! Thanks for posting it.

randc93942010.07.09 - 05:00PM1: belief IVSigned
Great attempt at drabble, I know that drabble can be a real challenge. Thanks

Tangerine Dream2010.07.05 - 06:53PM1: belief IVSigned
I agree. Intersting and sad. And I too hope it wasn't the killing curse!

adelgado2010.07.05 - 03:28PM1: belief IVSigned
interesting and sad

ModernMione2010.07.05 - 03:03PM1: belief IVSigned
Your words are always a treasure, precisely chopped and measured, stirred carefully with just the right number of sentences, creating immediate images, quickly revealing emotions, and retrieving tears.

Cybrokat2010.07.05 - 05:51AM1: belief IVSigned
Eek! Well, I'm going to say it was a Stunning Spell and not Avada, because I'm an optimist like that! :)

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