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Reviews for It Was Supposed to be Over

fifiotoole2017.04.30 - 06:23PM5: Chapter 5Signed
Good story

Jong_Kahn2017.04.30 - 12:27AM5: Chapter 5Signed
I like the fact he started out to flatter her bravery only to realize he was telling her the truth--and he did actually admire her for it. Now let's see what other emotional discoveries he makes during this unlikely pairing! Well done; thanks for your work 9and thank you for having come back to this). Here's a "10"...hope it helps you keep going.

loreen772017.04.29 - 10:39PM5: Chapter 5Signed
What he said to her in the upstairs bathroom as she sat there crying was very well written. I can really see him admiring and respecting her for protecting her parents in that way.

Pixie Dust2017.04.19 - 02:31AM4: Chapter 4Signed
I really like how this story is starting! I hope you update soon.

loreen772017.04.15 - 06:38PM4: Chapter 4Signed
Welcome back. I am so glad you began posting again. I really like your story so far and I look forward to your next chapter!

loreen772017.04.13 - 10:51PM1: Chapter 1Signed
I can picture most people emotionally shutting down after experiencing an overwhelming loss. I thought this beginning to your story was well done. It really grabbed my attention.

Jong_Kahn2017.04.13 - 12:49AM4: Chapter 4Signed
I am very happy to see you picking up this story again. This chapter flowed nicely from the previous one, so your long absence is not apparent, reading from chapter to chapter. Thanks very much for coming back to it! Here's another "10" to encourage you!

Jong_Kahn2017.04.13 - 12:43AM3: Chapter 3Signed
I like the 'flavor' of their interactions together: Hermione, tentative but ready to do whatever must be done; Severus, tempering his natural tendency to assume the worst about her motives. It bespeaks them both making an effort to work with the other. Good.

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