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Reviews for Salazar's Heir

Aurora2010.10.31 - 05:08AM28: Nothing More Than A MemorySigned
I never would have believed that any HP fan fic author would write a work redeeming Voldemort. You must have an extremely forgiving heart to be able to come up with such a concept. Bravo!!

verasuspense2008.03.08 - 09:01PM28: Nothing More Than A MemorySigned
Turning Voldemort back inot 16-year-old Tom Riddle is certainly a unique way of dealing with him. However his character would need a *lot* of alternation. TR was already a nasty piece of work, obsessed with power, when Dumbledore found him in that muggle orphanage. If he hasn't changed, he will just turn into Voldemort all over again when he grows up.

chrissyseebs2006.05.01 - 04:16AM28: Nothing More Than A MemorySigned
huh, strange chapter

Jana2004.02.12 - 03:52AM28: Nothing More Than A MemoryAnonymous
More? Please? Soon? more more more more

Losumi2004.02.11 - 12:50PM28: Nothing More Than A MemoryAnonymous
All these unresolved issues -- can only mean there's more story on the way!

Clair2004.02.11 - 08:08AM28: Nothing More Than A MemoryAnonymous
Hermione IS coming back right???

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