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Reviews for Cursed

fynnsmom2018.07.18 - 07:51PM26: The WitnessSigned
That was a very good story. The ending was fabulous. I was wondering if it would take Hermione kissing her prince to rid them of the curse. It makes sense. Voldemort was trying to teach Severus a lesson. Severus had loved Lily (a Mudblood) and Voldemort wanted a Mudblood to kiss him. I guess he didn't think Hermione had the power to pull that off. Well, now I start your next story.

Andante8252017.11.22 - 07:18PM26: The WitnessSigned
I LOVED this story. Incredibly engaging, with a great premise and an interesting take on Legilimency. All the changes make sense in this slight AU, and I always appreciate stories where Fawkes is on Severus's side.

SpaceInvader2017.01.06 - 01:07AM26: The WitnessSigned
Amazing work. Loved every moment. You write the characters so well! Starting book 2 riiiiiiiiiiiiiight NOW! :D

Author's Response: Thanks! :-D I hope you like the rest of the story as well.

SpaceInvader2017.01.05 - 12:44AM14: The ConnectionSigned
I find the conversation and interaction between them to be most charming. Thank you for writing them so realistically. So many stories rush through their relationship building. The journey and evolution of their characters as they become more acquainted is the best part. I love this story so much, I hope you write more!

Author's Response: Thank you for your lovely comments! I really enjoy writing Snape/Hermione interactions and as you can see, can't seem to stop over the years. I am working on another one (not epic length, but fairly long) that I hope to start posting soon!

SpaceInvader2017.01.04 - 10:40PM10: The NightmareSigned
Good God you write a good Snape!

Author's Response: Well, thank you very much! I do love writing Snape...

munchiedi2016.07.10 - 02:30PM26: The WitnessSigned
That was kind of a fitting ending, now that I've just learn that this is Book 1. And I'm glad that I had finished this first. It was really fun. Though half the time, I took pity on Hermione being stuck on the bed. But THANK YOU! I was really happy I found this. Now I'm bracing myself for Book 2. This is another sleepless night. As useless as I say thing. Reading Onwards!

munchiedi2016.07.10 - 12:40PM22: The ExperimentSigned
Ahahaha.... Leave it to Hermione for being a stubborn mule. Sorry, couldn't help myself when she tried Legilimens. :)

munchiedi2016.07.10 - 10:30AM19: The OcclumensSigned
Off he go, being a martyr all again! This is getting ridiculous. He would even deny his very existence just for his stubborness. Now I'm glad that Hermione is equally stubborn if I would rely on her personality. Still earn me a headache for these two.

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