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Reviews for Catspaws

verasuspense2018.03.05 - 09:17PM13: Chapter ThirteenSigned
Ron's ghost turning up to straighten Harry out was unexpected, but welcome. I wonder if he will stick around until Harry dies ? I would expect Fred's ghost to stay with his twin until George dies, of extreme old age, from the exertion of making love to blonde triplets.

Cytherea2010.09.05 - 03:17AM13: Chapter ThirteenSigned
I am loving this story, and I'm really looking forward to finding out what happens next. XD I love the way the post-war world is shaping up in your story here, and especially enjoy the role the familiars are getting to play; it's a fascinating thing to think about. Thank you for writing it!

suzy snape2010.08.14 - 04:44PM13: Chapter ThirteenSigned
I cant wait for the next update!

Vukodlak2010.06.12 - 07:55AM13: Chapter ThirteenSigned
Amazing story! Please update soon!

Liraniel2010.04.18 - 10:37PM13: Chapter ThirteenSigned
I read this back when I saw the update on the homepage, and I was so impressed that you've updated after this long that I forgot to leave a note to you to that effect. Thank you for continuing the story, can't wait to see what happens next.

sinbad2010.03.15 - 10:23PM13: Chapter ThirteenSigned
I read your letter to potter place people. Here is a gentle reminder to not let this story go. <3

Mak Astral2010.03.15 - 09:35AM13: Chapter ThirteenSigned
soo good! can't wait for more!

June W2010.03.09 - 04:31AM13: Chapter ThirteenSigned
Lucky Neville, to share in music with the Sidhe and to SURVIVE! I wonder what it means that he was able to hear the music and be drawn to them. I'm glad Hooch told Lucius she is pregnant and hope he's happy with the news. I am VERY happy that Harry is settling down, thanks to Ron's ghost; good work, Ron. Now for Severus and Hermione: why haven't they stayed with the potion all night/day to watch over it? After so many "failed" attempts, that's what I would do. Let's make those familiars nervous! Thanks for the new chapter.

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